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Guys My Hair's Falling
iam already bald(30%) at age of 17
we dont have good noted skin specialists out here so plz help guys and medicines watever that may help stop hair fall or even grow hair back :D
iam presently using minoxidil gel 2% fem company but hasnt shown any progress
sorry for this awkward question but plz guys help


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I had this hair fall problem while I was in Engg college hostel. Was related to the water there. Did you find what is causing it ? Like is it hereditary ? Or as in my case, water related ?


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Try them
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The section is perfect. It should definitely be in Chit-Chat since Q&A should be used to post only technology queries which do not qualify as hardware or software.


Did you find what is causing it ? Like is it hereditary ? Or as in my case, water related ?
its not about the water .
iam having this problem from last three years and now its increased
any medicines sumthing like that help guys ?

And THanks ASPIRE for the great links
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guys wats HERBAL SERUM ???
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I got this problem due to water change from nagpur to pune:cry:

Tried soo many things....
1.consulted skin specialist
2. Used homeopathic medicines
3. used harbal medicines

All useless for me....

Do regular oil massage and keep ur sclap clean by doing shampoo 2 times a week...that will at least help u a bit8)


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If its genetic.You are screwed. If itsdue to other reasons. Try keeping your hair short and going for ayurvedic hair massages. Or you can also try baba ramdev. :p


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Good diet helps in hair growth and Good stress management helps in reducing the fall. Its is the combination of both Diet and Stress management that controls Hairfall. An egg a day and fish a week will surely make your hair glow.

Vitamin b12 tablets and Minoxidil oil really helps in controlling Male pattern baldness related hairfall. Minoxidil is really a wonder oil, has worked for many, most of the dermatologists refer Minoxidil Oil( hairmax, rogaine... many names, same ingredient). Minoxidil has been proven, it decreases the hair fall, and Vitamin B12 helps in growth of new hairs. Search minoxidil on wikipedia. Although its quite expensive. Rs 450 for 60ml bottle, which contains 5% minoxidil and 95% alcohol.

Stress is usually the main reason why hair start to fall , morning walk on green grass without any shoes on, helps in stressing out and getting fresh, meditation also helps.
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Search for Baba Ramdev's videos on YouTube. His yoga tricks have known to help immensely. Additionally that dude also runs "Patanjali" chain of outlets where he sells natural products such as hair oil, shampoo, etc. Try them if you want...Google for address.
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