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Best Multiplayer Game (online)

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hey iam not much into gamin but these days iam free so much intrested in gaming
so wanted to know which is the best multiplayer game available out there ..

ps : my config is p4 2.4ghz , 768 ram , 845 mobo no gfx card
so tell me some games (multiplayer) which can be played on my system (with lowest possible settings)
:D {~aZZu~}


Creating New Worlds
if u wanna play some online multiplayer racing game....
AWESOME GAMEPLAY>.........:razz:...


Right off the assembly line
I'd have to say that the most enjoyable and engaging multiplayer game is most likely Halo 2. I know its basically the cliche of all multiplayer gaming, but I'd have to agree with its efficiency at engaging the player for hours on end... the problem is just that. I always tend to play a bit longer than I should be when I do play it!

Xbox Live...however...sucks. I'd recomment the free XBConnect if you do consider playing it.


Right off the assembly line
Well I am completely addicted to an MMO called erepublik.com. Its a browser based game and is primarily cerebral but its awesome once u get the hang of it. The initial week is a bit boring as u get to know the players but later on its amazing. basically u r part of building up a virtual nation. being an Indian, obviously I took up india and am passionate about it...we get bullied like anything by neughbours cos our population is so low! So we need to depend on more powerful countries for support and as such as powerless :( So here I am trying to get as many guys in as i can...maybe I will get someone hooked onto it! and help eindia of course :) Its obv completely free and u guys can try it out...help eIndia by joining our military and getting us strong! :)

cheers guys!


Only Urban Terror

Only Urban Terror will satisfy you in India.

Its Free, its easy on systems, and you will get good pings till japan.

In others you will be auto kicked because of your pings.


UrT all da damn way
i started playin' about 3-4 months ago, and now i cant sleep widout ma daily dose of some ass-kickin',lock'n'loadin' UrT action


blah blah blah bla..wut?!
World of Warcraft
The most addictive MMORPG all over the world :D
Be sure to give it a try...n also b sure u can control urself :p :p
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