1. TheLetterD

    App issues with the Xperia P

    Hello I am new to android and just got my Xperia P I had a few problems: 1. As soon as I launch FlipBoard, it starts blinking and a black screen starts flashing and it eventually crashes. 2. Angry birds space crashes as soon as launched. 3. *IMP* I tried to play some 720p movies but they...
  2. saswat23

    Damaging a PC.

    One of my friend has a celeron PC with 128mb RAM and 20gb HDD which he is not using. Its very old so, no one is intrested to buy it. Now, the matter is that he has challanged me if i can damage the PC without actually affecting the H/W within minutes. So, can anyone of you suggest how to do...
  3. coderunknown

    Fall of Dawn: LG Optimus One Vs Samsung Galaxy 551

    Started this poll as Galaxy3 & Optimus1 can't be compared directly as both differ in price from 500 to 2000 in some place but the Galaxy 551 & Optimus One are of same price (LG O1 at 12,599 vs G551 @ 12,799, ignore the small price difference). so guys, vote for the mobile you think is the...
  4. JojoTheDragon

    Tech-shopping places in mumbai

    Guys i'm currently in Mumbai on vacation for five days. So please suggest some places with proper address where I can buy some tech such as computer h/w, ps3 h/w , ps3 game discs and pc games thanks in adv :)
  5. S

    Usb port

    i have intel pentium 4 2.4 GHz pc which has win xp.my problem is that the 4 usb port are not working,if any new h/w is inserted it don't display any "found new h/w" message .so, is this problem happened due to h/w or s/w ?pls reply and also reply the sollution........
  6. Skud

    Are the temperatures OK???

    My config is:- c2d e7400 palit hd4850 512mb ddr3 seagate 500gb 2x2 gb ddr2 800 it generally gives the following temperature reads:- cpu:- 44c system:- 55c gfx:- 51c hdd:- 47c i have measured the temps using various software and readings r pretty uniform across them. my...
  7. iinfi

    pondering a h/w upgrade..plz suggest

    hi all i m pondering a h/w upgrade..plz suggest my current specifications are as under. OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name ARVIND System Manufacturer INTEL_ System Model D11020M_...
  8. M

    nokia 323o.......sound???????

    hey can we optimize the sound o/p of Nokia 323o.........its mono for mp3... can ny sftware or h/w change improve sound quality???????? thnx.....
  9. S

    Looking For Logitech MX 310 Mouse

    Hello Friends, Can any one suggest where in Mumbai can I buy Logitech MX 310 Mouse, though Company discontinues it, some H/W dealer may have stock. Thanks
  10. aditya.shevade

    HP laptop... Many Problems....

    Hi I have an HP nx 6110, PC 416AV laptop. I have bought that laptop last year on the 2nd of June. Since then, I have had 3 HDD, 3 DVD drive and a Motherboard and a Bluetooth dongle replacement, under warranty. I have one question. I know that some hardware is manufactured for some...
  11. A

    Problem With Windows XP

    Today I installed windows xp on my pc and after sometime I found that when I try to open any folder by double clicking on it mouse sort of gets hanged for one second and also if I try to right click on any unselected file or folder as long as the right click menu is on the mouse speed is...
  12. sysfilez

    Proxy Server

    i m having 3 pcs running on xp sp2, i want to share my broadband connection to all of them. i have all the h/w needed. pls lemme kno the best proxy for this job.
  13. wizrulz

    Which Countries Have Lowest Hardware Prices???

    I Want to know which countries have lowest h/w prices and specifically which ones...means some may have prices of RAM low some may have graphics card prices low....??? Please do post in as u know and also post in if u have bought some stuff form abroad....and its reviews and what to do if any...
  14. O

    USB MP3 player doesn't work

    I have a mp3 player of 128MB. It is not detected by any version of windows and linux now. Before, it worked well. It just displays the backlit and nothing else. Can anybody help me with this? Even the "new h/w found" doesn't come when I connect it to my PC.
  15. M

    Linux mania

    i v got a LinspireLive linux distribution ang whenever i try to boot the OS,The system does not boot meaning what i can see is a BLANK SCREEN. H/W cofiguration is as follows processor-Intel Celeron Memory(RAM)-128MB 40GB HD What is the solution for this problem?
  16. R

    Video on Demand

    Dear Friendz I want to start video on demand service on my cable network. Please suggest me the required H/W & S/W to run such service. rajzoo1 Thanks in advance
  17. G

    Weird Probs with H/W!

    My machine is a amd athlon 2000+ xp with a msi km something motherboard... Edit : I have 256mb DDR ram. There was some probs with my CPU recently as when i used to switch it on, it used to power on and then in 3 seconds shut of. I initially thought there was a problem with the power...
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