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  1. B

    [Want to Buy] Any used proccessor from Intel Core 2 Quad series with HSF with Bill/Box

    Hello Members! I am looking for used processor from "Intel Core 2 Quad series with HSF" & Bill/Box in excellent working condition i.e. Q6600,Q8300,Q8400,Q9300,Q9450,Q9550 etc. Interested individuals can send their offers via PM. Thanks!! Location: Amritsar,Punjab
  2. truegenius

    about tx3 evo and 212evo vs stock hsf, and thermal paste advice

    i am looking to buy a hsf (second hand or new) currently i get temps over 70'C @3.6ghz on my 1090t with stock hsf i am using a cheap silicon based paste, that is why temps are higher, while stock paste gave me 60'C temp at same setting and 70'c on 3.8ghz 1 . so how much difference i will...
  3. SlashDK

    PC not starting after cleaning

    I decided to do the annual physical cleanup of my PC today. Got a bit more zealous than usual and so removed HSF and Graphic card and cleaned them properly. I also removed the CMOS battery (my PC wasn't keeping any date/time info b/w restarts) and reinserted it properly. Now after assembling it...
  4. M

    cpu idling at 46degrees and 70+ degrees on stress

    I have just bought a new phenom ll x4 955BE and using it at stock 3.2 GHz and using stock HSF. but the cpu is too hot i used HWmonitor and speedfan for checking the temps. HWmonitor shows 46degrees and speedfan shows 53degrees at idle. i have used prime95 for stress test . the temp rosed to...
  5. avichandana20000

    Push pull connection

    Motherboards are having one CPU FAN connector in general. Then how to connect two fans of HSF for PUSH PULL CONFIG? googlling only shows the picture of HSF hugged by two fans but not how the actual connections are made. PS: I am not going to OC or do anything with this as of now. Its just a...
  6. avichandana20000

    Two options

    Two options: 1)reapplying best TIM in old stock HSF 2)bought new HSF altogether with supplied TIM (refer my SIGGY) Suggest which one to choose for idle temp below 40 and fullload below 56? I only do massive browsing and torrent downloading, moderate gaming and heavily watch HD OR...
  7. J

    Cooling and Psu in Good Prices

    Hey Every one. I have a budjet of ~8000 to spend in cooling and psu. I have got a Noctua U12p SE2 HSF in ITWARES.com in ~4000 Rs. Can u suggest me another Shops online {only online}.For This HSF. And Also Tell me a good Psu. Budjet ~4500 to 5500 For my rig that is. SABERTOOTH X58 CORE...
  8. Lord073

    CPU HSF required (Urgent)

    Hi guys, I recently found out that my CPU is heating very badly while playing games. The CPU temps rise upto a maximum of 79 degree celsius when playing games like AC2. So, I opened up my cabinet, removed the HSF, cleaned it and re-applied thermal paste, but no use. It is still heating very...
  9. S

    Please Help me To Replace HSF for AM3 socket

    Guys Help me!!! i recently brought the Cooler master 212 + Heat sink fan and was repacing it with amd Phenom x4 965 b.e when i was trying to remove the older HSF. the processor also comes out of socket. and The processor is stick with old hsf. it is sticked so much that i m not able...
  10. avichandana20000

    Retention bracket needed.

    Asus am3 socket . Needed a hsf retention bracket.
  11. avichandana20000

    Asus board warranty

    Yesterday i.e. on Sunday I have opened the side panel of my rig to clear the dust. Suddenly I see the clip of HSF fitted to the socket groove is loose. I closely check and find that one of the grooves of the socket to which the HSF clip was fastened is broken. I do not know how. Because last...
  12. happy20b

    Help in applying thermal paste

    Dear all, I bought coolermaster htk 200 yesterday . I have not applied thermal paste before. Instruction says that stick the sticker provided with product on HSF bottom and apply the paste. once done remove the sticker and mount on cpu. But when i googled found that ppl apply paste on...
  13. rahul.007

    Overclocking phenom ii*4 955....

    Hey guys, seeing so many people tweaking their cpus, i am thinking of overclocking my 1 month old proccy and gpu(msi-790gx).... but the problem is i dont have an oem hsf and nor do i have the required VITAMINE-M to get a good one like cooler master hyper n520(i recently brought nokia 5230 with...
  14. pulsar_swift

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

    Hi, Putting this thread up for Cybertonic 1. *Model number and details: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 2. Date of purchase: 10th APRIL 2010 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to X6 1055T 4. Warranty details: 34 months left 5. *Expected Price: 6.5K + shipping Rs 140 via DTDC 6...
  15. vickybat

    HSF for core i5

    hi guys recently bought the i5 and was impressed with its performance despite being a non overclocker.But the stock intel hsf emits a lot of humming noise which is audible & sometimes irritating. Is this normal :?: Do i have to go for a cpu cooler to avoid any problems in future:?: I dont...
  16. desiibond

    Corsair says: Better Core i7 Coolers Really Do Improve Performance

    The email points out that The average load temperature of a Core i7-920 processor cooled by the Intel HSF (heatsink and fan) was 11°C higher when utilizing 2,000-MHz C8 Dominator GT memory compared to 1,333-MHz DDR3 memory. The same PC cooled using the Corsair H50 CPU Cooler maintained...
  17. K

    will this HSF fit in my motherboard? PLS HELP.

    i currently own a intel DG31PR motherboard and i plan on picking up a zalman cnps7000b HSF with the LGA775 clip to mount it on. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118113 the hsf fan is a 92mm one and the diameter is around 105 mm approx. i dunno if it will fit on my...
  18. johnjjx

    FS: e4300 c2d processor

    for sale is an e4300 proccy l2 stepping...on behalf of a friend.. 1.5yrs old...with stock hsf. price 3k + shipping.(negotiable to some extent) pming me would be useless for LOWBALLERs.:cool:
  19. K

    WHY is my DG31PR running hot?

    i have 2 identical systems..... both running a q6600 and a DG31PR the only difference is that one cpu has the slightly smaller aluminum core stock intel HSF and the other has the copper HSF. the 1st system's motherboard temps stays at around 45C ( with the cpu running hot at 55 cuz of the...
  20. ionicsachin

    Arctic Silver 5

    Hi friends, I am a bit confused about applying AS5 on my C2D.....according to the manual it shud be along a line and then put the heatsink over.....i have stock HSF......and then they ask to rotate the heatsink 1 or 2 degree .... this all seem too complicated...can anyone...
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