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will this HSF fit in my motherboard? PLS HELP.

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i currently own a intel DG31PR motherboard and i plan on picking up a zalman cnps7000b HSF with the LGA775 clip to mount it on.


the hsf fan is a 92mm one and the diameter is around 105 mm approx.
i dunno if it will fit on my mobo or not. after comparing many pics n trying a lot of stuff, it seems that the NB heatsink of my mobo MIGHT come in the way, but im still not sure.
can someone pls tell me if it will fit or not?
pls hurry the item is on hold from the US :(

link to the pics of my mobo.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowI...n=Intel BOXDG31PR Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

some other pics i found just to compare the size of the hsf and the distance to the NB.
these pics of some other mobo seem to show that the HSF is a few mm over the NB.
my intel mobo has a larger NB heatsink which would block it but im not sure.......
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