1. S

    Cant find a suitable laptop for basic use!!

    I have a good PC , need a backup laptop. to keep turned on for hours to download large files. and to browse internet when there is no power to run my main PC. I have no intention to use a laptop while travelling. Main concern in loooong battery backup. HDD is must. there were my options...
  2. sanoob.tv

    GiveAway: One plus two Invite.

    -------------------------------- INVITE GOT EXPIRED, ILL CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SEE IF I CAN GET A NEW INVITE. --------------------------------- hey, I have an invite for one plus two , i was planning to buy it, but my one plus one is stil working awesome hence decided to give the invite...
  3. G

    Train from Spain: Talgo to run trial runs of faster trains in India

    Less maintenance - Train from Spain: Talgo to run trial runs of faster trains in India | The Economic Times Spain’s Talgo to speed up Indian railways trains, to cut Delhi-Mumbai travel time by 30Â*pc | The Financial Express
  4. I

    Should minimum wage be by hour or by month?

    Hi all, I just checked today that the minimum wage in India is set by month and by day rather than by hour in many so called developed countries. Moreover, its different in each state. I have come to question this and thought it would make for good discussion here considering there are so...
  5. abhigeek

    Napping, It Turns Out, May Kill You

    The Wire
  6. .jRay.

    Editing software for splitting

    Please suggest some good video splitter software.. i have a 4 hour video which i need to split in some parts
  7. J

    Peculiar problems.

    Okay I recently acquired an HD7850 from an RMA process. It was working fine. Now I bought a new fx8320 recently and now, whenever I start up my pc after it being off for some time, the display flashes on and off a few times(while in desktop or doing random stuff). Also, I see strange blue...
  8. Saransh verma

    World’s First Ever 12-Core CPU Laptop

    rocom, famous for its monstrous laptops for professionals and enthusiasts , has introduced world’s first ever laptop with a 22 nm. 12 -core Intel Xeon E5- 2697 v2 with 30 MB of L3 cache and a clock speed of 2.7 GHz (which can be increased up to 3.5 GHz via Turbo Boost if necessary). In...
  9. K

    Which phone to buy Nexus 4 or Htc one X+ or Xperia ZL Read more: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/

    Hi, i am looking out for buying phone. Looking for the phone which will stand last for a near to about whole day. For me factors depend upon listening music for an hour a day, little bit of facebook, hour of a 2g call, mail and half an hour of gaming. For me Android OS version doesn't matter...
  10. harshilsharma63

    a Rs.10, 5 minutes cabinet mod

    Did this with a blue colored electric tape and cleaned it later with nail-polish remover. Thanks to the electricity board for the unexpected 4 hour power cut which gave be unoccupied time for thinking and executing this mod. Okay, this may not not be called a mod.
  11. nac

    Problem with new AC

    Three weeks back we bought Kelvinator 1.5 ton 2 star A/c. It came with "who-knows-the-brand" stabilizer. When they installed, the stabilizer didn't work, so they brought the another one next day and installed (I asked for a branded one, but they brought that unknown local brand and installed...
  12. Harsh Pranami

    For capturing screenshots per hour and automatically upload to e-mail

    Hi friends. Is there any freeware that automatically captures screenshots per hour and automatically uploads it to e-mail without the need for clicking. I need this to keep a check on the download progress when I'm in college attending my lectures.Thanks Edit: I came across this...
  13. H

    DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour, paves way for personalized drug treatments

    DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour, paves way for personalized drug treatments - DigInfo TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oRWeD2VFh7w
  14. theserpent

    When facepalm is also not enough:Air India pilot takes wrong route and delays flight by an hour beca

    Air India pilot takes wrong route and delays flight by an hour because she wanted to eat Kachoris | Younews.in Crazy piolt
  15. Jay1234

    Lenovo essential g580 .... plzzz answer my quiries ....??!?

    guys i have bought this laptop few days ago ........ but i am badly confused. about battery , last night i player cricket 2009 which is a very normal game, for an hour with battery 100% after playing for an hour then when i looked at remaining battrry it was 50% ,,that means my battery...
  16. S

    going to buy laptop in next hour need advice.

    gonna buy a laptop in next hour, my budget is 25k-30k. requirement is a larger screen and should be able to do light gaming.
  17. happy17292

    need a tool that can reconnect automatically

    is there any tool/software which could automatically reconnect to internet in case the connection is lost? so i could just turn off the monitor and leave my PC to download stuff for hours without checking network status every half an hour. i am using BSNL UE100 prithvi data card. and it...
  18. aaruni


    I just got steam on my lappy. Each time I start steam, it starts updating of some sort.. Is this normal? Also, now it is starting up, and is stuck on 46% for an hour now..
  19. soyab0007

    Samsung galaxy S Plus

    Samsung galaxy S Plus not powering on, tried to charge phone for more than 1 hour but no result What should I Do?
  20. theserpent

    TRAI-New advertisement rules

    Not more than 12 minutes to ads per hour: TRAI to TV channels - The Economic Times
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