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Three weeks back we bought Kelvinator 1.5 ton 2 star A/c. It came with "who-knows-the-brand" stabilizer. When they installed, the stabilizer didn't work, so they brought the another one next day and installed (I asked for a branded one, but they brought that unknown local brand and installed when I was not home). AC ran for about half an hour, then stopped. We never know when AC will turn on or turn off. We made a complaint the very same day but they never care to do the service.

Roughly, AC runs an hour or so daily. AC automatically turns on/off. Voltage is in the range of ~180-240 and stabilizer never cut off. But still AC turns off automatically, i.e. totally OFF. No display, no control or anything. As per the specification of the stabilizer, it should run if the voltage between 185-250, but most of the times AC is not running, even when voltage is in range of 220-240. I am keep on guessing, what would be the issue. Whether the AC unit is fault or stabilizer is a faulty unit or both of them are faulty units. I don't know.

After two weeks booked a complaint, and service people without even inspecting/investigating the machine they straight asking us to buy a double/triple booster stabilizer. It's irritating when they are giving a sales pitch when responding for a service call.

Finally, they came with a double booster with a bill of it (quoted higher than the street price). I asked them to check the AC for any repair before giving a sale pitch on double booster. To my fate, there was no power when they came, so they can't check the AC. They waited for more than an hour and left, asking me call them when power comes. When I called, they said its raining that they will come later.

They haven't come yet, it's been three weeks since we bought. :(

Now, what could be the problem. I guess, only service engineers can say it after inspecting the unit. But I don't buy it that the voltage in our area is too low for the stabilizer that too without even checking it. We have a digital meter, so I checked many a times and I feel its good enough for the stabilizer.

I think normal stabilizer would be good enough, correct me if I am wrong.

I have quotation for two models if the normal is not enough
VND - 2700
VWR - 4150

Guys, now what should I do? If I am gonna buy a new stabilizer which one I should buy? You can suggest one between the above two or any other good ones.


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If that also dont help you what avichandana2000 said immediately contact akosha and pay them for 499 rs plan they will help you sure. Just do it ASAP


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Again called them, the one who picked up the call said if I have called that day, he would have followed the service call and would have fixed the issue by now. By saying that he was making it look like that was my fault.

Finally, they came today. I asked them to test the voltage with the meter they brought with them. It showed 230V... When I asked why the other stabilizer didn't start the AC even in this voltage. This is very decent voltage to run AC, right? He explained that the voltage will drop when it starts and will drop as we reduce the temperature. (They tried @ 22 degree C).

They wanted to check it by installing the new VWR. I clearly said them that I won't be paying you even if you prove that the problem is with the stabilizer. I just want you to check/find where the problem is. After a little hesitation, they installed the new one. Voila!!! now AC display is ON.

They have somewhat convinced/confused me that the old stabilizer is not good enough to run this machine. But I doubt that the old is a faulty unit.

Now they wanted me to make the payment for the new one. This is funny right? I clearly told them I wouldn't pay and I wouldn't buy it from you as my experience with them wasn't good. And they said if no payment, no VWR. Actually, they agreed to let me make sure that the problem is with stabilizer by running the AC with VWR for a day. But now they don't.

I returned the old one as well and got the refund. Bought a new VWR from another shop and installed it on my own. AC is working fine now...

When I turned on the stabilizer, the input voltage was 233v. It took roughly 3 minutes for the AC to start. When it started, input voltage dropped to 203V @ 29 degree C and to 185V @ 22 degree C and it went down up to 169V. I doubted that the normal stabilizer would be fine. But after seeing this fluctuation, I think the normal can't manage it. Am I right here???

@ Avichandan and Mittal,
Thanks for the reply guys... :)
Yeah, I would have escalated my complaint to higher level if they didn't do the service or I would have asked them to take the AC unit and refund the money.
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