1. vamsi_krishna

    Oblivion Help

    I have started playing Oblivion this morning. The quest destinations are way too long to walk.. so, I am fast traveling to the locations. I know, I'm missing goodies in the middle, but it is too long to walk. I really want to go there by myself. But it is taking awful amount of time. So, how...
  2. P

    a.bat trojan horse

    Hi All, My system is suffering from a unusual problem of a trojan horse. When this trojan first came i tried to remove using Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 but it did not help so i formatted C: of my computer. As soon as i reinstalled my Windows and Symantec Endpoint again the same trojan...
  3. Sathish

    Chrome setup File Hacked..?? it has aTrojan Horse..!!!

    today, when i download the setup file for Google Chrome from google site, my avast shows a warning as follows; A Trojan Horse Was Found Malware Name : win32.Midgare.OI[Trj] Malware Type : Trojan Horse and also abort the connection automatically.. Is Goolge Chrome setup Hacked....???
  4. CadCrazy

    Trojan For Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 Found

    SecureMac has discovered multiple variants of a new Trojan horse in the wild that affects Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. The Trojan horse is currently being distributed from a hacker website, where discussion has taken place on distributing the Trojan horse through iChat and Limewire. The Trojan...
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Utorrent falsely identified as trojan horse by Avast!

    In the recent news from, they have reported that utorrent one of the very popular bittorrent client has been identified as trojan horse... The fault was later rectified by Avast!... Millions of users where pushed to in a state were they have to delete utorrent... Good...
  6. R

    trojan horse

    can n e one give me some idea abt dis trojan horse trojan horse PSW.Generic5.ZKd all my accounts were hacked some days back was this trojan da culprit?
  7. ArZuNeOs

    Malware preinstalled on new hard drives- Seagate's Maxtor (B ware g [uys+als] )

    Source : Taipei Times Large-capacity hard disks often used by government agencies were found to contain Trojan horse viruses, Investigation Bureau officials warned By Yang Kuo-wen, Lin Ching-chuan and Rich Chang STAFF REPORTERS Sunday, Nov 11, 2007, Page 2...
  8. S

    Help me in Tomb raider anniversary

    Can any gamer is kind enough to tell me how to kill those half horse and half other creature which is encountered in 40% of tomb raider anniversary.....???:(:(:(
  9. S

    any body got Trojan Horse removing tool

    Hi,,,,,,,,Any body got trojan horse removing tool , i got the trojan vundo removing tool from symantec .........just couldnt find for the Trojan Horse ;)
  10. stellar

    Trojan Horse In AD Aware

    When I tried to install Ad Aware 2007 from the digit dvd i got the trojan horse generic downloader SP 10 warning from AVG Antivirus 7.5. Is that some mix up or there is really a trojan horse lurking in ad aware.
  11. skghosh44

    win32:Small Gen2(trojan Horse)

    My system is infected by the above trojan horse. Please help me how to get rid of this virus.
  12. techtronic

    Hacker faces jail for Trojan horse

    A US man has pleaded guilty to charges of writing and distributing a Trojan horse designed to steal usernames and passwords. Richard C Honour, 31, faces a maximum five years in prison and a $250,000 fine after admitting releasing the malware. Info ...
  13. nileshgr

    Please Help Someone!!!! hardware problem.

    I have a handycam with USB interface. The problem is that when I insert it in my computer, the computer hangs. My computer specifications are: 50 GB harddisk 256 MB RAM 500 Mhz Pentium 3 Processor Intel Video Card 32 MB Same problem was occuring when I used my HP PSC 1410 for either...
  14. K

    Helping out from Trojan Horse

    I've XP Home sys. with SP2. Recently, Trojan Horse had attacked my system n installed 5 of its files in Temp. Internet File. Well, I'd cleared all those files by the AVG Anti-virus (updated) and scanned again and found no virus in the system. But I found that my Windows Firewall and my I.E.6...
  15. s18000rpm


    When ever i browse the internet (for the past two days) using INTERNET EXPLORER,I'm notified by my anti virus (AVG FREE EDITION), the following TROJAN HORSE : TROJAN HORSE DOWNLOADER.Istbar.4.P, (File Name = winzp32[1].exe ; srvlvj[1].exe...
  16. raval_manoj

    Fake F-Secure E-Mail Contains Malware

    Latest news from site Nasty Trojan horse can disable antivirus and other security software. Linda Rosencrance, Computerworld Thursday, February 02, 2006 A Trojan horse has been sent to e-mail addresses disguised as a message from Helsinki, Finland, antivirus software vendor...
  17. T

    Trojan Horse Downloaders -How to remove them

    My PC was infected with the folloiwng trojan horses in C drive and E drive. I am using Windows XP in E Drive and Windows 98SE in C drive. I am using AVG Antivirus latest updates as on 24 Jan 06. Please tell me how to remove them from my C and E drives. Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic.OTQ...
  18. T

    Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic.GUK Virus - how to remove

    Hai! :( :( :( Recently I have formatted my hard disk and installed Windows 98 (C Drive) Windows XP (E Drive). AVG Antivirus updated version and Zone Alarm were running when I was connected to net. Unfortunately, Windows XP was infected with the following virus. These viruses were infected...
  19. S

    Help BLA Trojan Horse!!!!

    Now a trojan horse is detected in my system iam posting the screen shots reported by Norton Antivirus 2005 i did a full system scan still not able to find that trojan horse... This alert appears when i connect to internet. OS version Winxp pro sp2 and jun 2005 autopatcher.. Screen Shot1...
  20. Charley

    Trojan & Virus Problem ... Suggestions rqd

    I have these viruses and trojans in the Windows\temp folder. I tried deleting the folder but doesnt. Also doesnt detect thru NOD32 and KAV. They are 1. Torjan horse Java/Class Leader 2. Virus identified Java/Byte Verify. How do I eliminate them?
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