1. G

    TDF is the only site that does not open from home

    As the title says for the last one and half days I could not open this site or this forum from home. Initially I thought the site might have been down but now I am at work and its working fine. Every other common site work for me without a problem. What can I do ? Thanks.
  2. rakesh_sharma23

    Home Media Server (SMALL SQUARE)

    A New Case build. Naming it SMALL SQUARE. Small media and file server for home. Thanks for viewing. Rakesh Sharma
  3. $hadow

    Time to switch to Reliance or not

    Hey guys. Semester is coming to end soon and I will be going back home. At my home I use BSNL 650 Unlimited plan which is costing around 800 I guess. Now this plan irritate me when FUP ends and speed becomes too slooooooooow. Now I saw this reliance website...
  4. gdatuk

    Suggestion for a Home Entertainment System

    Guys! this is a little offbeat from what our TDF members usually post. I am looking to build a home entertainment PC. I need some suggestions for the hardware. Here is what I have in my mind. CPU: AMD A4-5300 3.4Ghz Rs 3300 Motherboard: ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+ Rs 14600 RAM: Corsair XMS3 4GB...
  5. Ashok Verma

    Suggest... Best Anti-virus for home user

    Dear friends, Pls suggest a good anti virus for home use under Rs 500 budget...
  6. D

    Pls suggest TV 32" upto 24000 daily home use.

    I want to buy an LCD/LED 32 inch for home use NOT gaming.... 1: It must have USB and HDMI. 2: Budget: 24k MAX Brands preferred Philips, Sony, Panasonic in no particular order any other worthy brands in your opinion would be considered. PS: TV with thin borders will be nice..
  7. M

    How to start own web developer business

    Hello friend currently im in last sem of ignou MCA. im learnined css n Now move to php vie w3shools if i do complited to learn after that I WANT TO START MY OWN BUSINESS FRM HOME AS WEB DEVELOPER FOR THAT HOW SHOULD I START AND HOW TO BE PROFASSIONAL WEB DEVELOPER ? (As i get work from customer...
  8. avinandan012

    CEO of bitcoin exchange found dead

    TOI report SINGAPORE: An American CEO of a virtual currency exchange has been found dead in her home in Singapore. A police spokesman said on Thursday there was no suspicion of "foul play" in the death of 28-year-old Autumn Radtke. The spokesman says Radtke was found dead in her home on...
  9. S

    Bsnl BB Home Combo ULD 950 strange problem in link

    Dear all, Few days ago i changed my broadband plan BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 800 to BB Home Combo ULD 950,from changing days instead i getting 4 mbps i only get 1 Mbps but link not stable, maximum website are not opening only loading & loading. In previous plan there was no problem such...
  10. vidhubhushan

    APC Home UPS BI850SINE-IN?

    is APC Home UPS BI850SINE-IN good to buy? almost same price around 5.5k (+-300) as luminous, Su-Kam and others.
  11. U

    Please suggest for a budget home PC

    Friends Thank you all for helping me for my first mid range PC buying, my experience was too good here. Now I want your same support for another budget home PC for my niece. Note that the PC will be used in a rural area so the components has to be rough-n-tough which can work on extreme...
  12. TheMost

    3D Home Theater Setup [50K]

    Hello People, I am not a Audio freak or something and know every technical aspects within Audio, But I am enthusiast and know to appreciate and enjoy Quality. I have recently decided to Buy a 3D HDTV, a Home Theater and Upgrade my PC. HDTV thread here ! Along with that i am planning to Buy...
  13. G

    Will 300W PSU good for following Configuration

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my existing Motherbaord & Pentium P4 Processor with new GIGABYTE B75M-D3V motherboard and G2020 Processor, and I am planning to utililize my existing ATX Cabinet having 300 W PSU (from Mecrury). PC will be for a typical home use - Browsing, Video/Movie Play etc...
  14. Skyh3ck

    Monitor Required Budget 6k to 7k !!

    hi friends i want to buy a computer monitor for home use, main use is watching movie, and usual home use like ms office, internet, etc, My budget is 6 to 7 k, i will be buying from lamington road or online shops it should be with good viewing angle and widescreen, please suggest some good...
  15. sdk

    Is this a good buy?

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W710 16.1MP Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera with Camera Case @ 4.9k ??? Require it for using at home... Please suggest
  16. A

    Need Wifi for home @ 2-3K (MTNL broadband)

    Hii friends.. I want to install Wifi connection in my home. I have MTNL broadband connection with telephone line. I'm confused over broadband and triband. I am providing link of my Internet Plan = DSL_Unlimited_650_Combo Combo Plans - MTNL Mumbai I'm using Nexus 5 device. And want to use wifi...
  17. C

    Need wifi @ home using the datacard

    Hi guys, Need your help to know if I can setup wifi at home using the datacard. I have a reliance netconnect datacard which gives a good 80% network support at home. now want it to convert to a wifi to use anywhere in home. is it possible? what is required to make it happen if possible.
  18. E

    Dual Boot with Original Windows version - How much would that help?

    Hi, I have a Lenovo 3000 Y500 Laptop - Intel (R) Core (TM)2 CPU with T5300 @ 1.73 GHz, 2 GB RAM (authentic Windows 7 Ultimate OS (32 bit). The original laptop had Windows Vista Home Basic. I upgraded the OS when I had a crash with Vista Home Basic while attempting to install SP1 for Vista...
  19. sahil1033

    Data entry job from home !!

    Hi, I'm pursuing B.Tech. from an engineering college in Dehradun and I will to do some part time job from home. Since I've no work experience yet, all I can do is data entry (typing) job. I've no idea how to search for such jobs and I feel insecure if they're genuine or not. Please help me...
  20. T

    Home theatre under 22k

    One of my friend want's to purchase home theater for pc n non pc use.. I recommended him logitech z906 . But he sorted out these two Yamaha 196 Pioneer 071 Plz suggest best of these or any else under the budget
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