1. M

    Ricardo vs F&d 5.1

    Hi Guys i am looking for good 4.1 or 5.1 speakers. Not big is size as small will do for me so i can even have 4.1 not much difference though Let me know the best Mode under 4k I have gone through these models let me know F&D 5.1 Home Theater Speakers F2000U Home Theatre Speaker USB SD...
  2. A

    home theater

    hi this ais aneel reddy, i would like to take sugesstion that which home theater is best for my samsung 3d led tv ,below 75k.
  3. damngoodman999

    Need suggestion for CCIE @ NETWORKERS HOME

    Hey guys i just want some suggestion & feedback about NET WORKERS HOME institute for CCIE security , i been network admin for 1 year & after that i had accident so i could not continue the job in networking , now i have serious problem that i lost all my knowledge in networking , so the better...
  4. braindead

    Notepad++ regex help

    eg: i would like to replace the following text How to write a regex that selects from Work phone till Home country i tried this (Work*)(Country) ie select everything in between work and Country but that doesnt seem to work.Tried googling without any satisfactory answers. Please help.:cry:
  5. ayushman9

    Please guide in setting up a small home media server

    1 . I have a spare PC at home ,win 7 ultimate based , that can be powered on 24 hrs . It is connected to an external 1 TB hard drive in which I store all my media files . However it is adapter based & not portable & hence i keep it connected to PC. 2. I have 2 laptops both win 7 ultimate...
  6. N

    Suggest me a Bike within 55k

    Hi all, I want to Purchase a bike as soon as possible. My preference is MILEAGE also of 65+ .My clg is a way far from my home (about 23 km from my home) and the complete journey from home to cg and clg to home is 46km and i have to go to clg at least 4-5 days in a week (no bus after...
  7. gmg9

    buying fitness bike/cycle [advise needed]

    hello friends.. want to buy a exercise bicycle for home. has no experience regarding exercise at home with this type of equipments. purpose: to exercise at home price range: 3k - 5k brand/product: any with good quality plz advise as i want to reduce weight. i know this cant be the...
  8. thetechfreak

    Laptop Buying Reference & Guide

    LAPTOP BUYING REFERENCE & GUIDE This is a guide which is also a pricelist which will be a reference for things to look for under particular budget. The recommended laptops will be highlighted in Bold Please choose the budget interested in- 1)Budget Rs.20000(Netbooks) 2)Budget Rs.35000...
  9. utkarsh73

    How to unlock BSNL Data Card??

    Hi Guys, I have Bsnl 3g data card model LW272 which is as usual locked to the bsnl network. Now as BSNL have reduced the data usage limit of their 98 Rs. plan from 3 GB to 2 GB, I want to switch to aircel or docomo as they offer much better plans. I read many articles to unlock the data card...
  10. techbulb

    Windows 8x9

    There will be 9 versions of windows8 1.windows 8 enterprise edition 2. windows 8 enterprise eval edition 3. windows 8 home basic edition 4. windows 8 home premium edition 5. windows 8 arm edition 6. windows 8 professional edition 7. windows 8 professional+ edition 8. windows 8 starter edition...
  11. X

    SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 (SEALED BOX PACK)

    Product Description :SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 (SEALED BOX PACK) & *www.sony.co.in/product/dav-tz135 Expected Price: Rs 8,000/- Time of Purchase: Feb 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty...
  12. gurujee

    Help me buying a modem and router

    Hi friends taking a bsnl broadband connection. pls suggest me a modem and router. Should i go for modem+router or buy individually. I intend to use router primarily for laptop and secondarily for streaming to media player, BD player, TV (only if, for this i wont have to pay much) My home is...
  13. P

    plz anyone tell me BB Home Combo ULD 900 is Unlimited plane?

    plz anyone have BB Home Combo ULD 900 what is download speed of this plan i am planing buy this plan plaz tell me
  14. W

    how to host my own file/video server@ home connected to net

    Hi fellow members, Hope everybody is fine. Ok I have a spare computer, it has a good configuration, but I am not using it much. So I decided to make it a File Server as well as a Video Server, so that users can watch their own uploaded videos/files, etc. Now what I have is a domain name from...
  15. R

    Budget HomeTheatre

    Hi I need a home theatre for around 10-12k .. Pls suggest some good models.. Also I would like to know what all things can a home theatre do...
  16. prvprv

    Original Windows 7

    I want to buy a Licensed windows 7 for 3 systems. (2 laptops and 1 desktop) Is Family Pack available in India? if so where to get it. What is the price? Can I buy one copy and install it on all three systems as it is for home usage?
  17. R

    Desktop PC configuration advice - 45K budget

    I came to know about you through some web forums and since I'm located in Mumbai and want to buy a desktop machine for home I thought I'd ask directly here. I'm basically looking for PC for home, here are details on what I'm looking for: - The purpose of the PC is mainly for media...
  18. d3p

    Nokia Belle Thread

    So where there is will, there is always a way....Finally the much awaited Nokia Belle is officially launched in India by Nokia. Belle Support Home [Link] Features : -Have up to six home screens with live widgets in different sizes -Personalise your home screens with home screen widgets and...
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