1. Night-Rider

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    Hello everyone, I am currently working in an IT firm in NCR region. I have B.Tech in Computer Science. I have been in IT industry from last 5 years and getting a salary of 72k per month after tax deductions. (11.2LPA) I love my job as I am a techie at heart. However, I want to move closer to...
  2. Sam22

    Positive Experience Homesake.in - Best website for purchasing Home Decor Products in the best pricing.

    I was kind of renovating my home and wanted to get some home decor items for the same. Ordered few items from flipkart but since they were kind of pricey so I couldn't order all the items in my wishlisht. The other day I was browsing my facebook and came across this brand Homesake which dealt in...
  3. dharmil007

    Websites Blocked (Social, Media, etc)

    Hi Guys, I have a laptop provided by company and also have admin rights to it. This is kind of a peculiar problem, when I am at my home using my home Internet Connection. I try to browse social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc and some other websites are blocked. I receive a...
  4. meetdilip

    Home network software

    I am having trouble with ipv6 enabling for Windows 7 home group joining. I was able to create a home group but other PCs are not able to join. Is there any good alternative to Windows Home Group ?
  5. T

    Need a Modem+Router for 2 bedroom flat

    Hi guys, I need a wifi network at home, will have to purchase a wifi modem+router. Please recommend.
  6. H

    Home theatre system vs 5.1 speakers

    I want best 5.1 surround sound with good bass for my led that has tata sky plus set top box. My query is that what is the difference between home theatre system and 5.1 pc speakers and also the role of a/v receiver and coaxial and s/pdif ports?
  7. omega44-xt

    Help needed to set up a home theatre

    TV : Sony Bravia KLV-26S400A Home Theatre : Sony BDV-E3100 A local DTH set top box OK what I need is that the audio of set top box should be played via the home theatre instead of TV speakers. TV & Home theatre connected via HDMI TV & DTH connected via HDMI. This configuration...
  8. S

    Homeschooling. ? ? ? ? ? ?

    I really wanna get home schooled, my parents and I have talked about it, and they wanted me to do research on it. but, my question is; who do you tell, ? how do you start home schooling? is there like a certin number you have to call, or website? by the way; i'm in 7th grade.. if I was gonna do...
  9. V

    Mobile signal booster required for home

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a mobile signal booster for home purpose as I get almost no signals from Airtel or Vodafone. Kindly suggest me which one to buy and should I go for the ones available on amazon and flipkart for 10k-15k? or are there cheaper alternatives available in market?
  10. T

    Moving to bangalore in search of a Job?

    Hi guys, I am a digitian since 2003. Digit inspired me since i was in 7th standard in school to opt for Information technology as a career.Completed my Engineering in 2011 but made a mistake that since i did not have 60% percent in class 12th ( I missed by 10 marks) , I did not get opportunity...
  11. elafanto

    LED TV Suggestion under 30K

    1. Budget? Max 30K lower is always better 2. Display type and size? LED 32" 3D is Useless for me. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Watching Serials on HD STB, Sometimes FHD Movies, No gaming at all 4. Ports Required? at least 2 USB & 1 HDMI 5. Preferred choice of brand? NO 6. Any TV/monitor in...
  12. rakesh_sharma23

    Build LOG : Review data Storage PC

    Hi I am back with another build. It’s just a New PC build for storing my review and website data. As you might know that I have started doing lot of reviews now a days, and having lot of images , graphs, and lot of files scattered all over my three portable drive, my Home pc ( which is also...
  13. P

    Need help to finalise home PC config

    Please help in finalising the config for my home use 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: It...
  14. A

    Vacuum cleaner

    Please suggest the best vacuum cleaner for home use. Max 6000. one option-- Euroclean Eureka Forbes Bravo Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Price in India - Buy Euroclean Eureka Forbes Bravo Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Online at Flipkart.com
  15. Skyh3ck

    Need a new PC monitor for home use 20" or 22" !! suggestion

    hello guys my Dell 22" monitor just died couple of days back, now i want to buy a new monitor please suggest a 20 ro 22 inch, cheap and good, value for money monitor. Buying from online shops. basic home usage, with movies, office etc. Viewing angle needs to be good. Budget around 6 to 7...
  16. jatt

    Need Help to Install Windows Vista Home basic

    Hi frnds, I need help installing windows vista without system restore cd with OEM key,how can i and from where i can download windows vista home basic edition to clean install so that after that i can activate it with original key.thanks
  17. pranjal.3029

    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Hello, Digit Family, My family have just moved in our new home and we are now looking for a new Home Theatre Setup for our lobby. Our budget is Rs. 75k and our usage for the Home Theatre would be 60:40(Movies:Music) so we want a system which can suit our needs. I went to our nearby Mall and...
  18. D

    [Want to Buy] Good 5.1 Home theater (not for PC)

    I just want to know which Home theater system comes just under 15k and it is good value for money Be it with/without a player
  19. A

    nikon camera budget Rs 15,000.00

    please suggest.for home use only
  20. varghesekiran

    To buy 5.1 Home theater

    Guys.. How is this 5.1 system ? Philips DSP 2800 Home Speaker - Philips: Flipkart.com Anyone used this ? My primary use is to connect it to TV and DVD. Please share your reviews...
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