1. L

    PC Buying guide for home use, Gaming & CAD CAM

    Good Afternoon friends, I want to do a project on PC Hardware Assembly for different configuration as listed below on various criteria with budget allocated to each configuration can you please suggest me the same with reason for selection of various components for a specific config or provide...
  2. patkim

    Spectranet ISP & Public/Private IP assignment

    I have been using Spectranet Internet at Pune. One of the advantage I had with this ISP was that it was offering a Public IP to home users. But now they have switched to Private IP assignment for home customers. 10.x.x.x series. Just wondering if any other users on this forum availing same ISP...
  3. bad_till_bones

    Suggest a wireless router for home

    Hi, Topic says it all. Need a wireless router for home.
  4. R

    Suggest me 5.1, 4.1 home theater systems under 3000rs

    Suggest 5.1, 4.1 home theater systems under 3000rs. I want good bass, SURROUND effect via aux, Pro logic feature . For using with projector i want. Please help
  5. R

    4.1ch home theater system doubt

    i want to know 4.1ch home theater will get output to 4 speaker via aux cable. or just 2 speakers will get output via aux?
  6. S

    Need a good 5.1 home theater system

    Hello, I have a budget of Rs 30000 for the Home Theatre. 1) While purchasing the same, what all things i should look for. 2) Wi-fi feature is needed. 3) Blu-ray or DVD player ( Which one I should go for ?) 4) Does players players play a important role in the outup.( For eg- blu-ray player will...
  7. B

    Need Stabilizer for Playstation 4

    Hi Guys, Just got a playstation 4 delivered today. Can please anyone help me with a stabilizer for the same, as i have voltage fluctuations in my home. Regards, PV
  8. nomad47

    Connecting Home Theater System to PC

    I am getting a SONY DAV DZ350 Home theater system and I want to connect it to my PC. This home theater system is of following configuration: The speakers are connected to the DVD player, which has the amplifier required for the speakers. The DVD player has standard RCA and TOSILINK input. As...
  9. GhorMaanas

    PC boots for 2-3 seconds then shuts down

    Hello. this i discovered the day before y'day. my newly assembled HTPC, i booted it, but before reaching the BIOS screen, it shut down. powered up again, same thing. repeated a few times. a night before that the power of my home had tripped twice. i believe it has something to do with it (dont...
  10. R

    i want to buy a blu ray home theater system under 25000rs

    i want to know philips or sony supports more file formats and also which one have better sound output bass etc. im confused to buy Philips HTB5520/94 5.1 3D Blu-Ray Home theatre (wireless rear speaker) or Sony BDV E3200 5.1 Blu Ray Home Theater.
  11. avichandana20000

    Kashikoi series ac

    Anyone having HITACHI KASHIKOI SERIES AC at home?
  12. T

    Home Theater system for ~20-25k

    Gonna be buying a new TV, wanted a home theater system for ~20-25k. Medium-Big room.
  13. S

    Home Theatre buying Guide

    I would need suggestion for buying a good Home theatre of around 20-25 k Range. I had infact finalized Yamaha-196 once, but it wont fit in my stupid panel created in my room. So I had no choice then to go for traditional Home theatre instead of the speaker systems. My requirement is as...
  14. A

    Dolby Digital Home Theater System Under 20,000

    So I was trying to gift one sound system to me in my bday and still couldnt decide which to go with. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906 LG DH6320 5.1 Home Theatre System Philips HTD5550/94 Home theatre (Black) My main purpose is watching movies and occasional gaming and I...
  15. B

    Errors in Win 10

    Hi guys, My cousin got a Win 10 laptop last week. We are facing few errors. The Windows version is Windows 10 Home Single Language, check this *oi64.tinypic.com/2wn7q7m.jpg We got this error yesterday afternoon, when Firefox with few tabs was opened. It all froze for few minutes and...
  16. B

    Need help with Win 10

    Hi Guys, My cousin got a new Win 10 laptop yesterday. We need your help with few issues- 1. We have two old pc's at home, one is running Win XP SP2 and the other one is running Win 7 Ultimate. The first one is connected to the internet via lan cable and the other one via wifi. Is it...
  17. N

    Yamaha SZ-R Clucth Adjustment

    Dear Auto Experts, I own a Yamaha SZ-R 2011 model. I don't feel comfortable with it's clutch as I need to release the clutch fully (100%) to move the bike. Previously I had a discover 100 CC with the same problem which has rectified by a mechanic from my home town- Kerala...
  18. A

    Please suggest good 2.1

    Please suggest the best 2.1 speakers with FM and Bluetooth, for under 5k. I want to use it as a home sound system and won't be connecting it to my pc. :) :-D
  19. abhinav_bipnesh

    Need suggestion for home NAS using Mini iTx board

    Hi, I am thinking to build an home NAS using either Mini iTX or full size motherboard. The configuration I am looking for is something below Atleast 2 SATA 3Gb/s Port. Alteast 2 SATA 2 ports 2-4 USB headers supporting either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Minimum 16GB DDR3 RAM support but can be...
  20. rohitshakti2

    General Query Buying home cleaning mops

    Hi friends I am looking forward to buy floor cleaning mop for my home. Kindly tell me which one are good to buy and its deal any if available now-a-days. Budget : Upto Rs.2000/- regards
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