Need suggestion for CCIE @ NETWORKERS HOME


Hey guys i just want some suggestion & feedback about NET WORKERS HOME institute for CCIE security , i been network admin for 1 year & after that i had accident so i could not continue the job in networking , now i have serious problem that i lost all my knowledge in networking , so the better plan is to continue my CCNP & CCIE thru NETWORKERS HOME in bangalore so that i can get in to that networking stuff again ? right ?

Also need suggestion reg NETWORKERS HOME in bangalore ! the institute is famous do they arrange any placements over there ? or will do better coaching .

Its urgent guys pls help me with the feedback for the institute as well as good suggestion to me .

Thanks in Advance .


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I think its very costly to do course in bangalore.....come to hyderabad here....there is a big IT adda called get lot of such courses here at a cheaper and with good knowledge...just a suggestion..but i dont know which institute is good...these institute give free demo before u u can decide that way...

I read a article today which may help u


thanks GOPI for ur time , but am really looking for something more prof in doing such top level courses like ccie


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damngoodman999,for doing CCIE you need to complete CCNA & CCNP if you have completed it is very good else compete them first.


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^^ IMO, build your own lab at home & go for CCIE. Don't have much idea, but I hardly think those 'institutes' are of any use to someone who want to learn all by himself.
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