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  1. A

    common folders became system folders and hence cant unhide them

    My system was recently attacked by TR/Delf.aam.35 Trojan. What it did was that it changed the attributes of the folders (that i double clicked to open) to hidden (system folder). and created an executable having the same name as the folder double clicking AVG 8.* (that was then installed) was...
  2. M

    Help me... My files have become Invisible

    I had used a program called free folder hide to hide some of my folders. While they were 'hidden' some error occured with the os and i had to reinstall windows xp(had to format c: drive). Now i dont see any option for making the folders visible. I have tried installing the program again, but it...
  3. W

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  4. M

    cant unhide hidden files

    hi guys, when i try to unhide my hidden files via tools>folder options>view> show hidden files. it doesnt show my hidden files instead it would revert back to donot show hidden files i know this is caused by some virus:mad: and one more thing the anti virus has removed the infected file called...
  5. kapsicum

    Amazing Trick To Create Hidden Text Files w/o Third Party Software

    hey ppl i found this amazing trick to hide a Text file without using any Third-party tool but Notepad. This is really a great one since its too Simple n foolproof since files created using the method below won't show anywhere in DOS or Windows irrespective of the hidden and system display...
  6. A

    cant hidden folders

    When I open 'My Computer' and click on "Tools>Folder Options>View>Show hidden files and folders" and then click on 'Apply' and 'ok', the hidden folders remain hidden. When I go back to "Folder Options>View" i see that the option is switched back to 'Do not show hidden files and folders'. This...
  7. bukaida

    Hidden folders not visible

    I cannot view the hidden folders in my system even after un-hiding them from tool->folder option-->view-->show hidden files and folders.After clicking ok, the system again goes to donot show hidden files and folders.The folders are visible if I go through the advanced option of windows search ie...
  8. I

    system command c/c++

    //dont run from the ide make a .exe file of the program by compiling it n then make n then run from the exe file #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include<io.h> int main(void) { printf("About to spawn command interpreter and run a DOS command\n"); //create a file named 1.txt...
  9. K


    ystrday i plugged in a pendrive and that had Newfolder.exe file......I copied some photos and then after restarting the CPU i am recieving the problem of folders opening in another window....and also i cant see the hidden folders(eventhough i tried in the folders option)....pls help guys.....( i...
  10. gandip

    hidden files

    Whenever I click on Show hidden files and folder it is not enable next time.I know there is something wrong with registry value.Any Idea.:p
  11. fakkadbaba

    'Hide Folders' in External HD

    I am in the process of procuring an internal HDD and putting it in a casing to make it function like a external hard disk for backing up my personal/important data/movies/songs etc. Is there any free software which can help me in keeping the desired "Folders/Files" on this hard disk 'hidden'...
  12. Plasma_Snake

    Vanishing Networks

    Is it a virus or what but now every time start my system my "Connect To" optionis removed from Start Menu and my active connection that is "BSNL" is hidden all by itself and have to manually select show hidden files and folders option from Folder options and then connect to the the internet. I...
  13. photon

    Unhide normal folders,

    1. I wasstruck with a virus. It copies all the file and folder with an extension .exe makes it read only and shows as a application. It make the original folder(without extension) hidden, whose hidden option is internally disabled. It makes all the original and the copied folders read only. I...
  14. A

    Show Hidden Files And Folders Option NOT SHOWING

    Hi all... In my Windows Explorer, in the Folder Options, the option "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" is not present... Only "DO NOT SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLERS" is visible... Plz tell the solution of this problem...
  15. speedyguy

    Start Menu Semi Hidden

    I applied custom vista transformation packs to my xp sp2....things all fine accept my start menu one side is slightly hidden...it really looks odd n irritating....ne experience wit this? take a look at this- Enjoy~!
  16. channabasanna

    Is it a virus

    Hi All, I have Windows XP with SP2 in PC, Vista in my laptop, both the machines have Norton Internet Security 2007 installed in them, my brother uses usb drive most of the time for his academic project, he uses the pen drive in college and also at home. every time when pen drive is inserted we...
  17. R

    Not able to view the hidden files and system helps-reg?

    Just a day back i inserted a pen drive the next second mozila closed and gave me error saying "I dont hate mozilla use IE instead" but i ended the process which was using tat"svchost.exe"...From tat day onwards am not able to view the hidden files and system protected files..If i click on show...
  18. H

    cant view hidden folder

    Hello i cant view the hidden folder if i click on show hidden files also it again disable and i cant view so plz help me out if is it possible plz mail me s_hidayath_khan@yahoo.co.in Hidayath
  19. photon


    1. I have struck with a virus. I think it is snake.exe.vbs It copies all the file and folder with an extension .exe makes it read only and shows as a application. It make the original folder(without extension) hidden, whose hidden option is internally disabled. It makes all the original and the...
  20. C

    what kind of problem is this??

    guys! i have recently found something really weird in my friend PC and we are really in trouble... i remember lastly we got KINZA virus and we were able to remove it very successfully....but now the problem is that when i try to view hidden files i cannot.... eg: whenever i try seeing hidden...
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