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  1. ax3

    Some Nero Tips & Tricks ! ! !

    2 know actual speed of ur writter ... just some registry tweaks ... open registry ... browse 2 ... Hkey_current_user/software/ahead/nero-burningrom/recorder r-click > new > dword > ShowSingleRecorderSpeed & set value 1 ... so whenever u write cds ... c the actual speed of ur...
  2. A

    NETONE Users - need suggestions

    I have recently switched from sify dial up connection to BSNL NETONE dial up. I have noticed better services like less disconnections, better speed (19 to 32 kbps). I have not yet got bill from BSNL. Is there any NETONE user here. I want to know how they r billing. From their website, I...
  3. Charley

    Hidden hard drive.

    I have a drive that is hidden. It is a standalone drive and not partitioned. How do I bring it up. I could use that to store data. Suggestions welcome. :wink:
  4. V

    What Is Archive?

    hi all i found three things on the propertise of any file in windows read only, hidden, and archive but i dont know about archive what this mean????
  5. iinfi

    always on !!! HELP!!!

    hi im gonna get an always on connection frm reliance thru their FWP .. its Rs. 1500 for unlimited data transfer ... does any one have such a connection .... do u know if there is any hidden charges in it ... plz share ur views ....
  6. Charley

    I have a hard disk drive which is hidden, how do i un hide

    I''ve 1 drive which the engr has hidden cos it has some clusters of bad sectors. How do i get that out as i cud use it to fill up instead of clogging the other drives....... :wink:
  7. S

    My Documents Hidden

    Today wen i switched on my computer, i noticed MY DOCUMENTS folder is hidden and i cant restore it coz the HIDDEN option is greyed out. i searched the computer 4 spyware and Viruses, but none of it was found. Urgent help needed. Plz. I m using WINDOWS XP and it is visible on d dsktop but not...
  8. veddotcom


    Hello, I have a problem with MS WORD 2000, Actually When i am opening the MS WORD only one page with rular-bar is opening, other all option, like FILE, EDIT, VIEW, INSERT, FORMAT, TOOLS........options are hidden, i don't know how this occurs, u plz tell me how can i repairs this, i have...
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