1. K

    Issue with hidden network adapter

    My network adapter is under hidden devices in device manager and hence my NIC card is not working. I tried to use Wi-Fi dongle and USB-LAN adapter. However both of them also are installed as hidden devices. Please help me to resolve this issue..
  2. Siddharth_1

    How to use hidden usb ports?

    I am out of usb ports and i want to use the hidden usb ports. 4 are at the back(main ones). 2 hidden ports are being used in the front i/o panel of the cabinet. i want to use others also(at least 2). A technician told me that to do this i need to approach the mobo company and no one else will...
  3. S

    Extarnal HDD folder locked and Hidden

    Dear All, I have an Extarnal HDD my friend took it from me to copy some movies and he tested a folder lock on it and he forgot the password as well, my folders are hidden and they are locked, till i did not find the password i could not see my folders, is thier any way to get my Data back...
  4. J

    What Are Hidden Links??

    hey SEOs!!! can anyone tell me that exactly hidden links are?? Does they effects the rankings in anyway?? Thanks is advance..!!
  5. socrates

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts

    More hidden Windows tips tricks and shortcuts | News | TechRadar
  6. Harivel

    Windows 7 |Shortcuts|

    Guys,You just have to know them,few people memorize keyboard shortcuts for everything. But concentrate a while on the shortcuts for areas of Windows 7 that you use the most, and you're likely to find a few that are so useful that you'll remember them quickly. you can create a new folder...
  7. jsjs

    The hidden problem

    My pc has encoutered a strange error. It does not show hidden files, when in 'folder options' i check 'show hidden files' it doesn't do that. After clicking 'apply' and 'ok' when i reopen 'folder options' 'dont show hidden files' option is checked. Today i uninstalled avira antivir and installed...
  8. curioustechy

    Hidden files

    I'm using vista home premium.. when i hide a file/folder by checking the 'hidden' box in the properties, yes it vanishes.... but when i go to windows explorer folder properties and give the option 'show all hidden files & show hidden system files'... that file/folder is not popping up... what...
  9. giprabu

    Has anyone unlocked the hidden cores in Amd's X6 processor ?!!!!

    First of all is it possible ? If so .... after unlocking will there be 8 cores???:???:
  10. H

    Funny thing happening - Show Hidden files/folders

    Guys whenever I try to toggle the Show Hidden files/folders in the explorer, folder options --> view It keeps on getting turned off by itself... consequently I cannot see any of my hidden folders or system files... wats going on ??? totally confused and already scanned using all possible...
  11. A

    Virus Identified.Packed Hidden

    hi friends my pc is infected with virus.i m using windows xp(sp3) as my OS. antivirus is AVG FREE EDITION. avg has detected Virus Identified.Packed Hidden \\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkydqxqnku.d ll c:\windows\explorer.exe(1532) after removing above threat from virus...
  12. A

    Virus Identified.Packed Hidden

    hi friends my pc is infected with virus.i m using windows xp(sp3) as my OS. antivirus is AVG FREE EDITION. avg has detected Virus Identified.Packed Hidden \\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkydqxqnku.dll c:\windows\explorer.exe(1532) after removing above threat from virus...
  13. ritesh.techie

    Help me with Torrents

    I reader of my Blog askRitesh asked me this question today. What do you say Guys I think that in this case only Torrent will be helpful isn't it.
  14. C

    windows not showing the hidden files

    hi guyz hidden files s not been shown i tried the registry tweak also.but not workin..:x so guyz help me out..
  15. U

    Virus Annoyances: How to disable changes for Task Manager and Hidden Files

    I have some viruses in my PC, and I'm tired of formatting it, further my antivirus is of no great help. What two most annoying things virus does is: 1. Disables the opening of Task Manager, i.e. Ctrl-Alt-Del. 2. Sets the "Show Hidden Files" to off. Is there any way (Group Policy Editor or...
  16. S

    help from virus

    i had installed kis2009 on my pc. Now it has disappeared form system tray. I have tried to re install it but i can't, it disappears again. So i formatted my C drive and tried to install antivirus but i got the same problem, even i can't install other antivirus. And also i can't see hidden files...
  17. cooldude666666

    Unable to see hidden files

    I have installed win xp pro and then service pack 1a and then sp3 (SPs are not integrated). I have eset smart security. It detected that I had a worm in my computer named: Win32/Conficker. I somehow got rid of that worm and now my system is reported as clean. But One thing which I am unable to...
  18. R

    Not able to view the c:windows folder?..reg

    5 days back i re-installed xp..Today i suddenly found tat am not able to access the windows folder ... See the screenshot below Is dis a virus or anything? please help In most cases we can clik the show hidden files as far as i know to view the files but here am not able to click it...wat...
  19. choudang

    Folder Option error | Hidden option

    Guys.. This is a duplicate post as i am not able find out first one which was posted today morning. We are not able to view the hidden file/folders. while enabling thru "Show hidden files and folders", it get restored to "Do not show ...." after clicking apply and Ok. We have NOD32 installed...
  20. choudang

    Folder options problem

    Guys, Yesterday i have noticed a small problem with my friends laptop. He is not able to view the hidden folders/files. Actually, when we select "show hidden files and folders" and click on Apply & Ok, it get restored to previous option "Do not show .....". He is facing this from last two...
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