1. D


    Hey i want to know from where i can download Diablo 2 full PC version for free. also i want to know that can digit provide it in the next isuue??
  2. T

    ubuntu problems...

    hey guys,do you people know how to remove ubuntu ?
  3. amruth kiran

    [Want to Buy] Pedometer.

    hey guys iam starting a new exercise regime , mostly cardio, like jogging and running. i've heard keeping a track of the steps really help so i would like to buy a pedometer. the price depends on the product. can be negotiable. thanks!!! and hey guys, i would also like o know if anyone's...
  4. devx

    Little help on UNLOCKING -Reliance Netconnect Broadband + HUAWEI EC150

    Hey fellas., i really need some help over here -- I'm trying to unlock the Reliance Net connect Broadband + (HUAWEI EC 150) -- actually several devices are out there in market followed by different unlocking methods and tools., But the problem is i couldn't found any sort of success approach on...
  5. R

    Budget effect 2012

    Hey guys any1 following the Budget 2012?? Any idea what is its effect on Pc components ??
  6. pkkumarcool

    Becoming a mod/admin

    hey guys i just had a query about how can we become a mod/administrator? what i will need to do to become admin like raabo/ico...
  7. S

    Searchdeal Feedback

    Hey Guys! I need your feedback about searchdeals.in . Just have a look and let me know what changes would you like and what else can be added?
  8. theserpent

    After effects

    Hey i looking for an tutorial to learn after effects from scratch :wink:
  9. E

    iphone 4s doubts

    Hey guys i currently own bb bold 4,i just bought it to experience blackberry.now i have had enough of it.now i want to buy a new phone.i am thinking of iphone 4s.i will use the phone mainly for watsappin (10-20)msgs a day,calling,web surfing,playing few games,listening to music,watching vdos on...
  10. utkarsh007

    Window not maximizing...

    Hey i have a very strange problem. my window does not maximize fully as in the image below but sometimes it even goes all right. plz help
  11. clmlbx

    Graphic card around 3K?

    hey guys my friend need an cheap but good gaming card..He can extend budget upto max 3.5K... He has intex 400W smps and samsung LED with 1600x900 rsolution @ max.. I recommended him ATI HD 4670. but I am little worried about Power supply... hey guys what do you recommend .
  12. MegaMind

    Laptop for 30-35k

    Hey guys, my friend is planning on a laptop for <35k... Purpose : not much gaming, general use... Suggest any good models....
  13. The Sorcerer

    Asus G74S Republic of gamers Notebook

    Hey, I got a notebook for testing. For those who are interested, check it out: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Peace ;)
  14. Sarath

    Software suggestion for a uncommon need

    Hi everyone, I hope some one will be able to help me with this. I know it is a rather weird request but I hope there is a solution to it. Summary: I have a text document. The contents include my messages and conversations in a typical format seen in many messenger applications. More...
  15. N

    N900 users

    hey everyone.. any N900 users here???8-)
  16. evil_maverick

    Nexus s or Desire s or Neo or Milestone 2

    hey ppl, torn betn the 4 of em.... g2 get a nu fone ....has to be " Android " but which 1 ??? :( so confused....
  17. utkarsh007

    Blackberry phone

    Hey my mum wants to buy blackberry curve 8520. Is it a good phone. Actually she wants to buy a smartphone within 10,000 with qwerty keypad with a brand of bb
  18. V

    NFS MW usin Hamachi..(Game server Invitation)

    User name : MW_Freak Password : 123 hey guys come and join the sever... LETS PLAY !!
  19. 4

    nokia 5233 internet bluetooth

    hey guys can anybody tell me how to access internet via bluetooth in nokia 5233...like i want to access internet in my pc(laptop) using 5233 as bluetooth modem so please how can i enable the same.....please help...:cry:
  20. zegulas

    Mobile as Webcam

    Hey my bro has Nokia Supernova 7210, he wants to use it as a webcam, how to do that?
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