1. krish_techie

    Should we import xbox one s from US ?

    Hey Guys, I Know that xbox one s is not official in india. But, If i get it from friends in US will there be any problems here ?
  2. H

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me.

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me. Help me.
  3. tkin

    Any feedback on Reglobe.in?

    Hey guys, I just came up on this site: https://www.reglobe.in/ They are providing buybacks directly as well as through Amazon and Snapdeal. They gave a quote of 8k on my LG G2, which is pretty close to the 10k I was thinking. The best thing is that unlike OLX I won't have to deal with idiots...
  4. C

    laptop within 25000

    Hey guys...plz suggest me a laptop within rs 25000.. thnx in advance
  5. R

    Need feedback on Xperia Z2

    Hey gys can any one give me any details as on what is the feedback of Xperia Z2!!!
  6. M

    best book for xml begginer

    hey guys plz suggest me best book for xml begginer....:-)
  7. ankush28

    asus vs. gigabyte

    hey gus I want your personal thaughts about GIGABYTE B75-D3H vs. ASUS P8B75-M LX. I am building a same rig with some modification in my rig almost everything is fix except the MoBo. Both above MoBos are same and neck to neck in performence, price. Personally I dont like gigabyte, when i was...
  8. velociraptor

    video lectures and study material for following

    hey frnds i need urgent help finding tutorials and other study material on following please help 1-oops with c++ 2-microprocessor (8085 if possible) 3-computer organization 4-data structure thanx in advance hey ill any 1 reply plz
  9. RCuber

    Budget Gaming Headset for ~2K

    Hey guys, one of my friend is looking for a gaming headset, he is a student and hence the budget is <2K. Please recommend a few options for the same. how is this ? Ozone Attack for 1.7K
  10. T

    Cm k380 vs Antec X1

    Hey guys! Help me choosing a cabinet either if these : Cm k380 or Antec X1
  11. S

    Good Phone in range of 8-12k which could at least last for 1 yr.

    Hey guyz need android phne in 8000 to12000. plsss suggest asap.
  12. navpreetsingh459

    Best Mobile Games,

    Hey all, I am quite new to the mobile gaming so just wanted to know the best mobile games to play for.
  13. A

    hey lappy owners,anything better than this asus.

    hey guys. I am planning to buy a laptop with Rs.60k max.And my bro noticed this lappy from Dubai. Spec:Technical characteristics of product Asus N56VZ-S4137V Warranty- 12, months Processor-Intel Core™ i7-3610QM 2.3GHz RAM-8 GB DDR3-1333MHz HDD-1TB, Serial ATA, 5400RPM Optical...
  14. lakeport

    Hey guys...

    Hey, i just signed up, and just wanted to say hi to the community. Hey can anyone tell me how to upload an avatar?
  15. a_k_s_h_a_y

    UPS about 600 VA

    hey guys recommend a good UPS with about 600VA rating..! budget is < 4k
  16. T

    dota 2

    hey any body knows how to play dota 2 i mean how to find it and install it?
  17. theserpent

    Happy B'day clmlbx

    Hey happy bday clmlbx bro :)
  18. theserpent

    Where can i sell my photoshop works

    Hey guys where can i sell my photoshop works??
  19. aaruni

    Download songs from in.com

    Hey Guys, I want to download old songs from in.com. Anybody have any solutions?
  20. pritamk

    galaxy nexus

    hey when will samsung galaxy nexus be launched in india?
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