1. T

    How to accomodate 723 MB in 700 MB CD

    Hey friends, I would like to write (BURN) a 723 MB (.dat) file in a 700 MB CD. Is it possible? I use NERO 7 Please help me.
  2. Stalker

    buying a DVD writer

    hey guys, i'm planing to buy a DVD writer.can someone help? Is the writer from LG good?
  3. tinku dhar

    Ie 7 Beta 3

    hey pplz ..., can anyone post the IE 7 beta 3 ???????? wich can be installed without the use of internet ... ?????????????? regards:)
  4. Ambar

    Windows activation......

    hey i have windows xp pro sp2 original cd rom (OEM)... now the prob is dat for the pc worked fine but one doomed day i was greeted by the BSOD.....so i formated my hard disk and reinstalled windows so far so good....but when it booted up it asked me to activate it i selecetd activate over the...
  5. cooldip10


    hey i want to give a review on a very good thing .. where should i post it..
  6. G


    hey guyzz m back hey...guyzz supp ?? i need a config.......for both a laptop and a pc.....NO BUDGET LIMIT !!!! cud b in lakhs......laptop 2........so DuDeZ m waiting........
  7. R

    Godfather Help,getting out of the car

    hey guyz i get in a car by pressing the space bar but don't seem to get out if i press it again.
  8. S

    fun with linux

    Hey, check this out *www.codeshepherd.com/funwithlinux/funwithlinux.html
  9. Ishan

    Autoplay cds

    Hey I am not able to autoplay any cd. even on right-clicking the Cd the autoplay otion is not coming. This is happening with all cds i am sure are having autoplay
  10. maharajadhiraj

    .sis files not working on my 6630

    Hey guyz .sis files not working on my 6630. WHY??????
  11. cooldip10

    Intel 915 OR D101???

    Hey what do you think.. Intel D101 is better or 915 ..
  12. forever

    whats the best airtel plan

    i have holidays comin up and thinkin of dumpin my mtnl broadband which is a disaster when it comes 2 speed, they say its in the area, lines are messed up, so im thinkin of switchin 2 airtel, what is the best airtel plan, i mean my budget is under 500, and yes hows sify, dont know of either of...
  13. UNREAL


    Hey ppl ! I m new to this forums ! Hey any of u guys playing online games ? IF yes this is the place ! to share ur IP or SERVER ! U can also write abt Ur experience and the FINAL SKOAR's ! Free n Multiplayer DEMO games r also INCLUDED ! We can play freeware games like TRACKMANIA NATIONS or W:ET...
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