1. D

    Ainol Novo Hero II quad core tab

    How is it? Any feedback?
  2. U

    Which Bike to buy Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme New Model or Hero Impulse ???

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a new bike. Can you please tell me the positives and negatives of both the bikes Hero CBZ Xtreme New Model and Hero Impulse. I drive a lot around 100 kms per day. And i do touch speed of 90kmph a lot of times a day. Drive very rash so keeping in mind this...
  3. pratik385

    Want a bike within 70k, need advice geeks !!!

    Hi guys, I live in pune, working in CTS. I want a vehicle but confused that i should go for activa or bike. As we all know there is lot of traffic on office hrs so which one to go for. In bike, which is good. My main criterias are Good mileage, Reliablity, comfortable and good style. I will...
  4. Alok

    Favorite Game Character (villain , hero , npc)

    What is your loving game characters . it may be villain , npc or hero itself. Also give name of belonging Game image should be jpg and less sized , if posted. Starting with mine 1.Albert Wesker(Resident Evil series) 2.Gordon Freeman(Half Life Series)
  5. Tenida

    Hero Honda is Now Hero MotoCorp!!!!

    Hero Honda is now Hero Motocorp.Will Hero MotoCorp will be a hit like Hero Honda.Guys comment what you think about. Source
  6. GeekyBoy

    New Cell for under 3k: a big question.

    I'm thinking of buying a real low budget phone, with as many features as possible in Rs 2.5k-3k I came accross the Samsung Hero e3210, which has even 3G. However, I was astounded by its price...just Rs 2450!!:hyper::hyper: Here's the flipkart link: Flipkart.com: Samsung Hero E3210: Mobile...
  7. P

    Error in installing java apps in Samsung Hero GT-E3213K

    Hello friends I bought a Samsung Hero GT-3213K yesterday. when I bought it yesterday, I thought it was a great phone with 3g and HSDPA at such a low price. Everything has worked great since then other than the fact that I am not able to install any jar file both offline and online, I...
  8. topgear

    Arcania A Gothic Tale [PC] [X360] [PS3]

    Arcania - A Gothic Tale continues the successful "Gothic" RPG-Series. Ten years have passed since the end of Gothic 3 and the world has changed - the Southern Islands have become embroiled in a grueling conflict, and set the stage for the player to brave countless adventures in the guise of a...
  9. gauravsuneja

    htc hero in excellent condition

    1. *Model number and details:htc hero ivory white in colour 2. Date of purchase: 18 april 2010 3. Reason for sale: i like buying and selling mobiles 4. Warranty details:11 months 5. *Expected Price:19k 6. *Location of Seller:new delhi 7. *Pictures:upon request(excelllent condition btw)
  10. NewsBytes

    HTC Hero - the iPhone killer?

          The HTC Hero is a path-breaking smartphone that introduces the HTC Sense technology to the Google Android operating system. HTC Sense promises to take the Android's user-experience to the next level. With features such as multi-touch and wide screen, it is little wonder that the HTC...
  11. NewsBytes

    Maharashtrians to pay Rs 2,500 more for new Android-based HTC Hero with Sense UI

      The most promising Android handset so far, the HTC Hero, has debuted in India, and residents of Maharashtra are getting the short end of the stick here. The recent hike from 4% to 12.5% sales tax on mobile phones has meant that the new handset will be available in Maharashtra for Rs 34,600...
  12. MetalheadGautham

    Terminator 4: Salvation Day

    Well I saw this movie with a bunch of friends at Inox Theater today. Must say its a rather "different" experience. Awesome sound effects and almost totally full of machines and bombings. But I feel this movie borrows a LOT from the older movies, including the freezing molten metal part from...
  13. amitabhishek

    Here comes HTC Hero

    Out of nowhere HTC delivers this phone & Wow!!! What a great looking phone (er... except for that chin)!!! This Android phone finally syncs with MS Exchange!!! HTC has also finally decided to go in for 3.5 mm jack. The sense UI is slightly "Pre"ish and looks great. Eagerly awaiting its launch...
  14. chavo

    Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under Winner

    Finally Nauman is the winner of this years Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under. He proved himself in the final against Kiri. But from my point of view Kiri is the winner B'coz he selected Nauman insted of Palak who was less compititive then from him for the final task. Also the task was also...
  15. R

    Suggestion of bike purchase

    Hi All, Please suggest me a good bike in 125CC and 150CC segment. Looking for Good style Performance Mileage Efficiency Power After sales service/ Durability 125CC Honda Stunner Honda Shine XCD 125/135 DTS SI Gladiator 150CC Hero Honda...
  16. Faun

    Kunal Kapoor to play Super Hero Doga !

    Anurag Kashyap is making a new movie and Kunal Kapoor is playing the role of Doga, a super hero character who appears in Raj Comics. Me so likes Raj Comics (I remember my science knowledge and interest, thanks to Dhruva's comics).' Dialogs in Doga's comics were the best thing one can ever...
  17. thewisecrab

    Guitar Hero Clone For PCs...Frets On Fire

    You'll must have heard of the Guitar Hero Series where gamers emulate their favourite guitarists using their consoles on PS2, XBox360, PS3 This game (obviously), is not available for PCs However, I recently stumbled upon its clone which works on PC, Mac And Linux Its called Frets On Fire...
  18. C

    Hunk or CBZ

    Hi, Can you please tell me which one is better, Hero Honda Hunk or Hero Honda CBZ Extreme? In respect to Engine, millage and long lasting.
  19. prashant9918

    What the hell are MTV hero honda roadies doing out there

    i like to see songs on the mtv chanale not to see hero honda roddies :rolleyes:
  20. L

    MUST SEE Tamil movie: Yaarukku yaro, Sam Anderson HERO

    OMG, If you havn't seen this movie... please see it!! You can console yourself that this is the worst!!! Unfortunately, the movie is only in tamil... This superhit movie will be dubbed/even remade sooner or later I guess.. Otherwise.. bollywood is seriously missing a spicy one! to give a clue...
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