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I am going to sp road(bangalore) tomorrow to get a new pc assembled.
How trust worthy are the vendors there.
Now,should i be aware of any bogus shops there?
I need to be absolutely sure that he gives me what i had asked.how do
i know that what he gives is the real deal.
Is there any software that checks & shows me the hardware components &
model names installed on the system?..something like pcaudit?


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
I have purchased my PC from there. No hardware issues (and it has been 3 years) although Frontech UPS died after two years but that is not something to worry about as this is very common.

Do not worry about authenticity of a piece of hardware. I am sure no one in world (even those Chinese who make fakes) can make an AMD/Intel processor at home. Same goes for HDD and MOBO. :)

For pricing, you can collect quotation of the assembly of your choice from different shops and then decide where do you want to go. You can always bargain 2000-3000 on the price they quote.


Only go for reputed brands, and look at the box carefully not miss anything that should be there or not to be there.


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Well, thanks
Also i have decided for 2 500gb hard disks - i want a RAID connection
I have never done that before.
can you tell me how?


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hey im going there tomo. too ..dont go with guys who will approach u on roads ...the are doing that for commission purposes ...go to ankit infotech or aashirvaad computers ....they are the better ones on sp road ......but which ever shop u go u have to bargain HARD ..its the only rule
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