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  • I don't think so. But better check the gray market. Officially, Sony has stopped selling those since a long time coz they can be cracked easily.

    And I didn't intend to sell mine anyways, was giving an example :).

    Glad to help.
    I didn't intend to buy yours..... Thanks ;)

    Yeah, this does help.
    Guess I'll go for a new one.

    Is the 2000 still available in the market?
    Hello mate!

    Yes I do have the PSP but I have handed it over to my younger sis. A second hand PSP can cost anything depending on it's age and use. A PSP as old (2.5yrs) as mine might cost 4-5k. I dunno much about the PSP3000 as I am not keeping up with PSP news.

    Hope it helps.
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