Windows Seven Game Plan

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Broken In
Microsoft have not made it easy for Windows XP users to move from Windows XP
to Windows Seven.It's not possibe to run installation disk and install windows seven
on top of windows XP leaving all the files and programme as it is.

Instead there are two options

a) Clean Install, in which the hard disk will be wipe clean and install a virgin copy
of windows seven. Then reinstall all of software and copy the data back to the

b) Custom Install, Here the old windows setup will be stored in a folder called
Windows.old. This will include all of the programme and files. Although the
sofware cannot be run from here.

There are some steps which will make the process easier.This game plan also works
for clean or custom install of window seven on a windows vista system.

I) Make a inventory of all the software which you'll want to reinstall in windows seven.
It's a good time for some house cleaning. Identify the programme which are needed
and trash off those are not.

II) Download, Install and Run windows seven upgrade advisor from
It will scan the PC and point out compatibility issues with hardware and software.

III) Download and save the necessary drivers for the key hardware from the hardware manifacture

VI) Reserch and identify the secqurity software to be installed. Don't expect antivirus and
antispyware which are purchased two years ago to work with windows seven. Microsoft
has a webpage which list all the secqurity software compatable with windows seven


V) Backup all of the documents, music, vedio,photo and software to a external drive.
Check the help file of e-mail programme to see how to export all of the mail folder and save them to
external drive.

VI) Check the system requirments for windows seven to see if the PC meets the requirments or not.
Although microsoft says 1 GB of RAM is suficent for 32- bit version. Double is recommended.
Install the RAM or any other hardware upgrades before install Windows Seven.

VII) Start the installer from within Windows XP.It will do addational compatablity checks, then reboot the
system to brgain installation. Custom Install is recommended as it provides a secondary copy of the data

VIII) When the installation is finished, Install the Windows seven drivers, anti virus and anti spyware software Update the definations.

IX) Manually run the windows upgrade to check for patches and upgrades.

X) Live with this installation for a while. Play with Windows seven to learn its differences before you can get the work
done.Give it few days before reinstalling the software and copying the data back to hard drive.

XI) Use the backup and restore function in the windows seven to make the immage of the hard disk drive. It can be used later
to start from the scrach.
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