1. Faun

    [For Sale] Fiio X3, Meier Audio Stepdance, Fiio G01 Guitar Amp, and DigiZoid ZO2

    Product Name: Fiio X3 (1st Gen) Expected Price: Rs 7199 Shipping charges: Rs 0 Description if any: It's a 1st gen Fiio X3. I bought it when I was outside of India. Mainly used it as a DAC for my laptop. Used Meier Audio Stepdance as AMP in the chain. It's always carried in a silicon case. No...
  2. G

    entry level guitar

    hi, i want to learn playing guitar and currently have no knowledge about these, i am planning to buy a guitar soon but have no idea from where to start. please suggest me which guitar should i go for as i have looked on internet there are many types of guitars available such as acoustic...
  3. adityak469

    Thinking To Learn Guitar

    So its my b'day in a few days and now i'm thinking to get a guitar(acoustic) on my b'day :D I'm new to this field and don't know anything about musical instruments and what i need to learn them. :p So could anyone please inform me with what i need to learn guitar? :P My budget is around...
  4. debarshi

    What do you want for Christmas..

    Santa Claus is coming to town.... I have in my list, 1. An electric guitar 2. IEM 3. A set of Sonodyne PQube speakers What would you wish for?
  5. Gollum

    Want to learn to play Guitar

    I've always wanted to learn to play a guitar but never had the resources or time. Though I still don't have them I would still want to learn(and I can buy stuff without giving a sane and reasonable answer to anyone, my money my business). My biggest question is Acoustic or Electric? I got mixed...
  6. Gollum

    Learn to Play a Guitar in 60days \m/ ROCKSMITH \m/

    Don't believe me? Check this video _qEP4lC3E1k I'm gonna give it a try. I have tried my hand at playing a guitar but never went too far, practicing was really boring. What do you guys say? Shout out to the TDF Guitarists!!! UPDATE: 0IhUbhLsH6U Rocksmith for total noobs TtEKnlBJbdo
  7. M

    Sound card latency...

    I have a realtek HD Audio sound card on my laptop.. I use GuitarFX Box for sound processing my guitar sound.. but it gives a noticeable latency when i play fast notes... I have used ASIO4all too but there is no effect of that.. My sound card supports WDM streaming.. I also tried to tweak up with...
  8. jagg89

    [For Sale] Electric Guitar & Amplifier

    This might not be the best place for selling guitar but I thought I'll give it a try.. there must be some fellow members here who are musicians and might be interested! :) 1. Model number and details: Guitar - Ibanez GRG270 - GRG270 - Ibanez Wiki Current price if you buy a new one is around...
  9. thetechfreak

    A new National record - Largest Guitar Ensemble of 5406 Guitarists

    Jajabor, A tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika- A new record for Largest Guitar Ensemble- 5406 Guitarist For more pics and full story check the link above. Although a world record was aimed, we fell short. and yes I was there
  10. Desmond

    Advice needed for buying Electric Guitar

    Hi, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. If not, please move it to the appropriate section. I live in Pune and need to buy a new guitar. I used to have an Ibanez GRG170DX, which I bought from Nagpur. However, it got totaled in a freak accident and I now need a new one. My...
  11. @

    Guitar classes in Bangalore

    I have decided to learn Guitar in my holidays. Are classes worth ? Useful ? or it is better to learn myself ? If it is waste of money, then I can utilize same money in purchasing Guitar. If going classes is good, then suggest me a good tutor / classes near to Dairy Circle, Bangalore...
  12. @

    Suggest me a Guitar - 4k

    Guys need to buy a Guitar, for learning purposes. My budget is max 4k. I need the Guitar can be connected to my lappie. So I have two choices 1. Acoustic Guitar + Mic How is this - Guitar, Imported Guitar, gb&a, guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar online OR 2. Electro Acoustic...
  13. A

    learning guitar

    i wanna learn guitar.. anyone can help.. am in south delhi :)
  14. Faun

    Which instrument to learn ?

    I am just confused as all three are totally awesome to me. 1. Guitar 2. Violin 3. Drums Tell me your preference and the reason :smile:
  15. prashant9918


    I want a ringtone from Tum Bin movie.....Koi Fariyaad ....In this song there is some aalap kind of music like hmmm hmmm hhmmmmmm ...which is sung by Jagjit Singh ...I want that theme music in electric guitar tune....I know there are many digitians know how to play guitar....If any one of them...
  16. lethalweaponforever

    Guitar FX Processor

    Does anybody know of a guitar FX software that i can use on my pc to add distortion and such effects. Do i need a seperate sound card for this...or can i run it with my onboard one
  17. G

    Help me buy a guitar for learning

    I am looking to buy a guitar so that I can learn to play it and maybe once I am good enough also compose background scores for presentations and such. But basically it is just because I am interested in playing music and develop the right side of my brain. :D My budget is 4k. Any ideas? I am...
  18. ionicsachin

    The Guitar Lounge

    Hii all Do you play guitar? Have you got any queries like how to buy a new guitar or how to practice? Everything from tuning to here All guitarists please introduce yourselves....share licks and riffs, upload and let us listen ur compositions....
  19. Psychosocial

    My first live show!

    Well I know this is a useless thread but cant control the excitement. Today it was confirmed. 10 out 21 students who are learning guitar at our school are chosen to play at our school's choir night! And I am one of them. We gotta play for around 30 mins. with 4 songs on the setlist (There is an...
  20. confused

    Can anyone tell me the location of 'Music Mall' in Mumbai???

    i only know its in Churchgate, but where exactly in Churchgate??? (i want to buy my first guitar, and this shop was suggested by a friend) thanks guys.
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