What do you want for Christmas..


Santa Claus is coming to town....

I have in my list,

1. An electric guitar
2. IEM
3. A set of Sonodyne PQube speakers

What would you wish for?
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Cyborg Agent
Lots of love... And some chocolates!!! :mrgreen:

@ $hadow
I think Christmas is gonna be early for you this year, mate, with your Nexus 5 due any moment!!! :mrgreen:


Ambassador of Buzz
I think this belongs in the things other people love but you hate thread, ill post it anyway. I don't see the point of festivals . I hate them :p


Aspiring Novelist
i want to pass in 7th semester ;) exam starts on 11th dec and i have to start studying atleast today :(


Wise Old Owl
need a warm bed and food cooked by mom ...this Christmas, coming home this December...been long out in "wilderness" :D
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