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So its my b'day in a few days and now i'm thinking to get a guitar(acoustic) on my b'day :D

I'm new to this field and don't know anything about musical instruments and what i need to learn them. :p

So could anyone please inform me with what i need to learn guitar? :p

My budget is around 6-7k and if you could, please link me to good videos for how to learn an acoustic guitar as I'll be learning online :p :D


This is all you need
Rocksmith 2014 Edition | Learn Guitar and Bass | Official Site | Ubisoft®


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you better be prepared to invest a lot of time.

and you better not miss any PD due to this, you pirate. ;)


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I am in the same boat. Are guitar available on any online stores or will I have to buy it locally only?

Go to your nearest shops,note the prices for each model.Then search in internet shops for the same(furtadows,bajaoo,saptaswara,musician small etc) Compare and Buy the cheapest among them


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Mm other good brands in your budget are cort,Grenada and Pluto.
Anyways if you have extra bucks opt for Yamaha.Member [MENTION=52310]Tenida[/MENTION] have bought one recently.


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Start here: BC-000 • Justin's Beginners Guitar Course | free guitar lesson from

Best online guitar teacher and totally free.


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Ok guys i'll be going today to search the shops and maybe buy the guitar around 5pm. Do i need to look for any accessories? if yes, then please name them :)


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get a nice protective cover bag and a belt if required....a pair of string bundles and plectrums
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