1. V

    Final Thoughts

    Gonna go and buy these tomorrow:-! Intel core i5 2500k8-) Gigabyte Z68 XP UD3r:| Corsair Vengeance 1600 mHz 8 gigs PSU:Could'nt find seasonic .so goin for the coolermaster one...650w Asus GtX 560 ti:mrgreen: Seagate Barracuda 1 tb (Total:1+1=2tb) Any suggestions for the mobo...
  2. sanoob.tv

    urgent !! goin to buy android phone today

    guys, im goin to buy a sony ericson live with walkman from ebay.in today. before buying i would like to finalise it its for 14k with a 2gb card. is buying from ebay safe.this is my first time. cud u ppl give more details for shopping from ebay
  3. IronCruz

    Mobile Internet

    I'm goin to buy a simcard for browsing Internet through PC. Please tell me which has the possible fastest Internet?
  4. R

    How often u use wifi

    Is it a really a imp feature in India????? Do u really need it when u r goin 2 collage??
  5. s3Prosavage

    Urgent Help!!!!!!!!!!

    i have ordered a product at indiatimes using paymate...initially they verified...but now they have cancelled it for refund.........:mad: .....da problem is my paymate account still shows 0 balance n its validity is goin to expire today...so i want my money back 2day so that i can use...
  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Goin to Buy LCD in 2 hours Which 1 is Gud ??

    Goin to Buy LCD in 2 hours Which 1 is Gud ?? 19 Wide or 20 Wide Which Company Should i go for ??
  7. stellar

    DVD Drive Ejection Problem

    My DVD Rw(Smasung) drive ejects frequently.It needs a quite a lot pushing too to open the drive too. It makes a certain noise if it is goin to open but after a few toil then only it opens. Suggest opening automatically and hard to open the drive too.
  8. T

    e6750 or X2 5600+

    bros.... i m goin 2 buy .... a procy...just needed help.... goin 2 oc with stack coolin... that 2 max 3ghz..... so needed 2 know which would b good..... out of the 2...above...1..c.e......e6750 or X2 5600+ help neded cause really confused... thanx angel
  9. kirangp

    When is Halo2 releasing??

    Is there any release date for Halo2 for PC??& what about the graphics..is it goin to be the same as XBOX or will there be any changes??
  10. s18000rpm

    YouTube Issues

    i've been trying to upload a 11.7 MB DivX file to this youtube, & i've been trying it for more than an one & an half hour & 5 tries till now:x is that site buggy for Uploading files:x yesterday also i tried 4-5 times, then only a 4.7MB file uploaded:x First i tried Opera 9.10 & it did...
  11. Pathik

    Ubuntu ubuntu

    hey all.. I jus removed mandriva 06 nd opensuse 10.1 and m installing edgy eft nw.. I jus wanted to ask how much time does it normally take?? Its already 30 min and its still goin.. Still @ 64 % .. I m really bored.. :(
  12. eagle_y2j

    Goin Website starting but confused plz help?

    I m goin to start my new site soon on a free web host nd there i m getting free subdomain but I m confused a little bit plz do lit a lamp for me to get out of tis confusion------ 1. Can i buy a domain name of my own nd use instead of free subdomain name? If yes can i use same domain name if...
  13. R

    onboard sound vs sound card

    i want to do comparison between on board sound of a8n-e n a mid range sound card of abt 2-2.5k. is it worth goin for sound card if i m buyin a gud 5.1 speaker...(like logitech 5300)???????
  14. D

    Best Mobile

    Guys i am goin to buy a mobile. So help me out. Tell me which is the best mobile under Rs.20k
  15. D

    MS train simulator

    hey.....trainsim's not working on my system......it used to work on my old p-3 with 160 mb of ram n a geforce mx440...now this is an athlon64 with 512ddr ram and fx5200..... :( i was jus goin thro' old cd's n came across this...wonder if ne1 knows ne compatibility issues?
  16. tweety_bird_bunny

    which language to learn ?? :-/

    i wanna learn a pc language like c,c++,etc,,,plz suggest me which laguage should i goin for?? i mean which laguage has the best market in future???? shall i goin for c,c++,java,perl,php,html,etc,etc,etc??????? :?
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    which mobile,laptop to buy????

    hi.... i wanna purchase a mob with bluetooth,sufficient memeory,gprs,camera.... which mob should i goin for?????????? also which laptop should i buy??? should i goin for dell or thinkpad???? configuration should be ideal for home use ....?????
  18. Aniruddh

    Loads of confusion...Pentium D or AMD???

    heyy guyz i hav MSI RS480M2 but now as i will b goin for a 6600gt card so i thought of changin da mobo to NForce 4 chipset as well as 19'' monitor,already hav 512 ram but one more 512ddr 400mhz ram so dat will make 1gb,160gb sata seagate hdd.but as pentium d has been launched and will soon hit...
  19. S

    is my pc screwed or is my pc screwed

    according to ***cde** magazine had an articles about powersupply, they had a chart accoring to it, i should have the 12 v rail giving around 17 amps where as the smps says 12v rail 10 amps so, whats goin on here....
  20. Sourabh

    Overclocking you Monitor? Is it freakin possible??

    well was just going thru some forums and read a thread of oc'ing ur monitor or let alone Refresh rates and kinda goin by there results they found there is a increase in refresh rates by abt 10 :lol: http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=57128
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