1. T

    Strange ram behavior

    I bought a zion xtreme 8gb ddr3 today.. The pc booted normally everything fine. Problem started when i tried to install highly compressed game repack. It returned checksum error immediately.but my older 4 gb ram is giving no such problems. I m out of options. Even after pairing 8 and 4 gb same...
  2. F

    Looking for an Upgrade for my PC

    My Current Config BenQ RL2455HM|AMD FX 8350|Corsair DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)|1TB WD|250GB Samsung 950 Evo |AsRock FX990 Extreme3 |Asus GTX 960 Strix|CoolerMaster HAF 912|Hyper 212X|Seasonic Gold X-750 My Motherboard is giving issues and need to be changed. Should i only Change my Motherboard or...
  3. A

    HP pavilion g6 2010ax laptop led screen broken

    Hello My laptop's HP pavilion g6 2010ax laptop led screen broke.I checked with HP and i am shocked after hear the price quotation for newone.Its 14,000 they sent me in email. Also, i checked with local vender.he is giving me in 3000.Are these good?I searched on internet and found led of ~3500...
  4. V

    Seasonic S12II 520W, NO backup on APC UPS

    Hi everyone For past few days I face an issue with my APC 1100 VA UPS backup i.e when the mains AC power goes off the UPS doesn't give any backup and directly goes OFF giving a long beep. Earlier I thought its a UPS issue so to cross check, I got a friends Numeric 1KVA UPS but here also I...
  5. K

    How to disable notification from ZoneAlarm

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows7 and a free edition of Zone Alarm (version: From Zone Alarm, an automatic dialog box comes on the desktop frequently, giving the particular name of malware software which is prevented from…. How to disable such frequent notification?
  6. Anorion

    Mobile + Tablet Screenshot Channel

    post your mobile game screenshots here Star Legends GOF2 Plague Inc world graph, allowed humans to recover 3 times, giving them false hopes before killing them brutally #toucharcade flight crew dominating in Pocket Planes
  7. S

    Decision between asus g56jr and y510p

    hey guys I am buying a laptop under 80k. Right now I know y510p is the best. But I still feeling 760m is better. But right now g56jr is only vailable online in flipkart and is not available offline stores. right now lenovo y510p is giving free 3 year warranty at 77000rs. I am confused which...
  8. ajayashish

    SELL: Canon 1000D with Kit 18-55mm lens + 50-250mm IS + 50mm IS f1.8 + lot of filters

    Hi, I want to sell my DSLR along with all the lens. The camera was used by me only and in excellent condition with no scratches on the LCD or anywhere in the body. I love taking photograph and hence love the device which helps me with that so it was never mishandled. The battery is excellent...
  9. A

    problem with firefox

    dear friends, when i scroll down the page in firefox everything fade away. i am giving screenshot. please help
  10. T

    PXE boot error

    plz help.. bought lenovo g500 i3 rd gen laptop few days ago.. my room mate used it when i was out.. and its giving this error..
  11. A

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5537(Late 2013) : Review and Benchmarks !

    I posted the review on some other section of the forum,so giving a link in the right section. * Cheers! Abhijit
  12. bssunilreddy

    Free Giveaway (MS Sidewinder X6 + Logitech G400 + Corsair H60)

    I am thinking of giving my Microsoft Sidewinder X6 KB + Logitech G400 Mouse for FREE as a giveaway.I also am thinking of giving away Corsair H60 2012 Edition but these are to be picked up from my place at Mallapur, Hyderabad. Reason for giving way: Bought Coolermaster Devastator Gaming...
  13. R

    Oracle 9i sqlplus configuration problem

    I have installed oracle 9i in windows xp. After installation i am not able to open isqlplus in client's browsers which are in the same network. I can access the documentation files by giving the server's IP in client's browser. Please let me know how to configure apache, sqlplus etc. files. urgent.
  14. saz

    Dying hard disks...Both internal and external

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem...I initially had 3 HDDs (1 WD and 2 Segate) and 1 SSD. But recently both the Segate HDDs have failed. One of them is not even detected where as the other one is giving S.M.A.R.T error in bios while booting. Apart from these I had two external HDDs, now...
  15. darkther

    Aviate: A smart homescreen (Invites giveaway)

    Hello, Darkther here. Most of you guys know what Aviate is and for those who don't know, click here. I am left with 5 invites and I am giving it away now. Those who are interested have to post the reason why you want it :-) and I will select whom to give the invites you. Winners are requested...
  16. rohitshakti2

    WTB Set Top Box, Which Company is Better Tata Sky / Dish / Reliance or Any Other?

    I am having 3 TVs at home. One is CRT, one is plasma and last one is full HD TV. I want to know which service provider is giving better service at lesser prices. My preference TV channels are Sony, Colours, Star +, Hindi & English movie channels and some free news channels are the major...
  17. d3p

    Discount Coupons for Giveaway

    Hi Mates. I am giving away the following discount coupons over steam for free. 1). 50% Super Meat Boy : Booked by rock2702 2). 75% Prime World : Defenders 3). 25% Dungeon Hearts 4). 10% Shadow Warriors 5). 75% Serious Sam II Reason of Giving away : Coupons are lying idle & not been used...
  18. rohanz

    Cerebrus and JuiceSSH for free

    Cerebrus the anti theft app is giving out pro license for free today. Just install from play store and register. JuiceSSH is giving out pro license you have to mail to stating your email id associated with your Android device. Also launcher 3D...
  19. ajayritik

    UPS giving trouble

    Problem: 1.Computer restarts whenever there is a voltage fluctuation. 2.Most of the time when power goes computer restarts and gives back up. I have the APC UPS with me which off late is giving me problems. Whenever power goes the computer restarts there is some kind of sound which leads to the...
  20. M

    How to activate 3g on bsnl 2g sim?

    I bought bsnl 2G sim costing Rs 20 only. I recharged(FRC) it with Rs 180. I recharged it with 3G data plan Rs 50(200 MB data ). But I am not getting speed of 3G and it is giving only 2G speed. But my dad sim(2g sim) is giving 3G speed. CC is not responding well. I am using sim on huawei modem...
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