Aviate: A smart homescreen (Invites giveaway)


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Hello, Darkther here.

Most of you guys know what Aviate is and for those who don't know, click here.

I am left with 5 invites and I am giving it away now. Those who are interested have to post the reason why you want it :) and I will select whom to give the invites you. Winners are requested to pm me their emails. I know most of you might already have it, but its fun giving it this way.
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As I stated you have to post the reason why you want it and I will choose the winners.

1. Because I like trying out good launchers.
2. Because I'm sick and tired of sense 4.1 and wanna try something good.
3. Because you have 5 keys.:sly:
4. It seems like it'll work smoothly on my device.
5. Because I need a better homescreen.


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Just one reason.

I'm a huge fan of the trending minimal & flat designs. Would love to have it on phone too and not just on websites. :)


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I will be needing your email, ni order to send the invites. So please, Saransh and prehistoricgamer pm me your email id.


And btw I'm loving it. Thanks a lot darkther

Here's a screenie

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