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Discount Coupons for Giveaway

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Hi Mates.

I am giving away the following discount coupons over steam for free.

1). 50% Super Meat Boy : Booked by rock2702

2). 75% Prime World : Defenders

3). 25% Dungeon Hearts

4). 10% Shadow Warriors

5). 75% Serious Sam II

Reason of Giving away : Coupons are lying idle & not been used.

How to Use them :

- You can trade them for just anything over steam or give away, who deserves it. Example : CS GO Weapons or Crates.
- Or you buy the original game over steam & this coupons will set you a huge discount on the final purchase.

Conditions :

1). No Hold
2). One Coupon per person.
3). Early Bird catches the Fish.



Expire Date : 20th September 2013.

You can reach me over TDF or Steam. [You know, where to find the Steam ID.]

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Nice. I have the Super Meat Boy. And I have no interest in playing others.
Good luck to others. :doublethumb:
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