1. cooldude22

    Lappy For collg

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Below 40K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: HP/Samsung/Sony/Lenovo b...
  2. amjath

    Chimney under 15k

    Hi guys, Planning to buy a Chimney. Please suggest best Chimney for under 15k. I have done some research, but I need user experience mainly. Suction capacity around 900 - 1000 m3/h is more than enough Please give me ur inputs, other requirements like filters will be discussed once the...
  3. RBX

    Nutrition during exams

    I tend to skip meals during exams to avoid getting sleepy and by the end of exams turn into my highschool self. Are there foods that I can eat that can give proper nutrition and aren't too heavy ?
  4. H

    What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?

    Based Heisenberg | What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?
  5. Chetan1991

    Need help passing B.Tech. Subjects (backlogs) in a very short time

    Hi all. I'm pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Himachal Pradesh University. This is my last year and I'm in deep waters. I have 10+ supplies/backlogs. The sad thing about the situation is that the supplies aren't because of me being utterly dumb in the subjects...
  6. M

    burn in doubts

    hello , i purchased soundmagic E10 yesterday. i was wondering about the burn in period. 1. how much burn in time should i give these per day .. can i give them 9-10 hours per day to burn ?? 2.can i listen to the new earphones stright away for longer 8-9 hours a day?? 3. for...
  7. B

    Plz give the price of these components?????

    GUYS,i m planing to buy these components in june 2013, can anyone give the latest prices of these components... i m going to buy these components from lamington road,mumbai. so plzz give the price accordingly... Thanks in advance..
  8. R

    Suggest Idea for Short feature film

    Hi Guys!I want to create a short feature film(~5-10minutes) for my school project :-D .But I didn't find any good story :cry: . Please suggest me some good idea,story which give social message.(It would be good if u give some idea related to Computer,Mobile).
  9. Nerevarine

    5.1 speaker system

    I was rummaging though my store room when I found an entire set of 5.1 speaker system (Intex 4800IT)..It seems to be fully functional but I have NO idea how to hook it up with my PC.. My PC doesnt have a PCIE sound card.. Im a noob when it comes to speaker setups.. Can anyone give me a step by...
  10. chandan3

    Crysis 2 cheats

    Where can i download cheat for crysis 2 or anybody give the cheats of crysis 2
  11. D

    Need some info on GTX titan.

    Hi all I have decided to purchase GTX Titan.Therefore before purchasing i want to know if anybody here owns it already? If yes then it will be great if they give their first hand experience. Does it worth the price.Availability in india etc etc. Thanks.
  12. R

    80% Discounted New Monitor.Just read

    Hello Friends, Last week I walked into a Electronic showroom in Dubai to look for Monitor which i'll be buying next week. I came across a HP monitor 24Inch Which was on Display for 999AED(15000rs).The sales person told me they dont have new stock and offered to give me the displayed Unit for...
  13. P

    Help Regarding Ping/Latency in Counter Strike Global Offensive

    Tell me something about how do i manage my ping while playing online.... Not a single server shows ping below 300.... its very boring play it like this... I die every time because of this lag!! Somethings that i have already taken care of are: 1)not downloading any thing while playing it...
  14. M

    Want to buy external tv tuner under 2k ?

    How about Avermedia AVerTV Box Genie l (M075) from @1660. Give reviews on site. is it reliable?
  15. ramakanta

    Consumer Complaints

    I have lots of complaints towards Private and Governments organisations . As i am a consumer , where to i will give a online/offline complaints , so that quick resolved my problems. thank you.
  16. gxsaurav

    ADSL Modem + Router needed

    First of all I am a networking noob. My knowledge is limited enough to identify which cable goes where. That is all. So, I need to give a Wireless ADSL2+ Modem at home for my family to use BSNL broadband. I have seen many of this type which take input as Phone cable (RJ 15) and then give 4...
  17. R

    is buying a laptop from lamington road-mumbai safe?

    how to make sure that the laptop you buy there is completely genuine?i heard they can change lappie's original battery,ram,processor.. they give a proper genuine bill with full warranty. prices there are cheaper.what's the catch?
  18. L

    Corsair HX650v2 PSU squeaking noise

    Hi, My Corsair HX650v2 PSU purchased on Dec 25,2012 and i am noticing some squeaking noise in the first week once in a day or two. But yesterday when i was editing photos in Photoshop, PSU is making squeaking sound like every 30 to 40 seconds.. When i saw the PSU fan through the side...
  19. L

    Please help and give your honest feedback

    Hi india, Kindly review my website and give your honest feedback. Published news contains moderated websites. Upcoming news contains all websites. The aim is to vote and give visibility to the best of websites and the same time not take away the liberty from the submitters...
  20. V

    buying of blackberry playbook

    Hi i want to buy a tablet at a range between 10k to 15k so i chose a blackberry playbook... Because i'm fan of blackberry. So let me suggest my choice is right or wrong........ And please give me a present information about it's os,features,etc.... And also suggest can it help me in my...
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