1. V

    Need Gaming headset, M/KB. i have a budget of around 30-35k for a headset, mouse and kb. i've decided to get sv2 frost blue, razer ouroboros and gigabyte osmium. if anyone has a better set, please do tell me so i can decide. also, please give me reviews on the above mentioned ones. thanks.
  2. JohnephSi

    Nexus 7(2013) playstore or flipkart??

    Hi to everyone,Iam confused from where should i buy my nexus 7 (2013) either from flipkart or from playstore.Please give comment on this. Thanks
  3. raksrules

    Anyone here using Karbonn A30 ?

    Anyone here using Karbonn A30 mobile phone ? I am looking for a phone with big screen but small price to be used dedicatedly as a video player on the go. I know it has lower resolution for the giant 5.9" screen and all but if anyone here is using it themselves please give your opinions. I know...
  4. darkther

    Aviate: A smart homescreen (Invites giveaway)

    Hello, Darkther here. Most of you guys know what Aviate is and for those who don't know, click here. I am left with 5 invites and I am giving it away now. Those who are interested have to post the reason why you want it :-) and I will select whom to give the invites you. Winners are requested...
  5. A

    Buying Card from US , warranty in India? Which company internation warranty?

    If my sister gets a gfx card from US and it happens to not work after a few months, which company [sapphire/asus/gigabyte] will give me warranty here in mumbai? Even if they don't give warranty will they FIX it for some price? I am thinking of getting the Sapphire 270X for 12k rs from...
  6. HorrayforPeePee

    dlink 600L gives high priority to wifi devices

    Hi guys, recently I faced a very irritating issue with D-Link Wireless N 150 Home Cloud Router DIR-600L. Who ever tries to join wifi the internet speed on pc goes to almost nil where i cant perform anything. How do I give 1st priority to PC or equal distribution of net speed to both pc n wifi...
  7. blackpearl

    [For Sale] FREE Giveaway: 15 ebay coupon codes valid till Sep 30, 2013

    I have a handful of ebay coupon codes that I got by recharging my prepaid vodafone online, that's been lying unused. The codes give you a discount of 7% up to a max of Rs 750. These are actually better than most ebay discount codes that are generally capped at Rs 500. These are all single...
  8. R

    Windows 8 ISO on Digit DVD ?

    Hello all , Any1 know Did digit give Win 8.iso RTM [non RP/RC] Trial ISO with digit DVD , if yes kindly let me know on which month's DVD digit give away @mods - couldnt find any other suitable section ,kindly move if more suitable section
  9. S

    Made some android games

    Hi Guys, I made some android games just for fun and test my developer skills. I know this sucks but you can have a look and give some feedbacks. *
  10. SaiyanGoku

    [Query] Toshiba HDD RMA

    My toshiba canvio basics 500 GB ext. HDD gets disconnected randomly. sometimes, windows reports the drive is damaged or not recognised. Should i give it for RMA. It still has more than 1 year 4 months warranty left.
  11. R

    want to buy a laptop

    i am into buying mode this month 19-21k budget screen 15-16 inch whatever i get purpose? internet, odin/now[stock market s/w], photoshop, little bit office work processor b960,2020m, also if any amd processor can give same processing i looked at few models and wanted to know about...
  12. T

    Seller at Amazon asks for IMEI number after delivery.

    A woman claiming to call from a seller named "Univercell" is asking for IMEI number of my newly delivered BlackBerry Curve 9220. I checked her number, it does appear to be of Univercell a their website I am suspicious about this request whether it is O.K. to give your IMEI number...
  13. M

    Inverter for min. 4 hours backup

    I am looking to install an inverter at my home to run the following appliances: 1 Desktop, 2 fans, 2 tubelights. As we have power cut in Pune for almost 5-6 hours, I need an inverter which can give me back up of at least 4 hours. My budget is maximum 25k. Please suggest me a good combination...
  14. nisargshah95

    When did Digit give Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in DVD?

    Hi, does anyone know in which month's edition did Digit give Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in DVD? I searched 2012 and 2013 archives but found only the 12.10 one. Maybe I missed it. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  15. omega44-xt

    Software needed for online Radio

    I need softwares for recording audio & transmitting it. I know about Sam Broadcast for recording & Ice Cast for transmission. In my college, each hostel has internet connectivity through LAN, but with different IP address. So I want to start a online radio. Any ideas n suggestions? Also...
  16. R

    Need website create link which type keyword in google and shows result?

    hi everyone, some time we are stuck with some problem and we post question for solution in forum.there some of the guys give answer by providing link to suggest search in google. when we open the link,it enters keyword in google searchbox and display result. i want to create such...
  17. D

    After sale service of Lenovo

    Am planning to buy Lenovo Ideapad Z500 with 740m so was doing a bit of research for lenovo ASS in India specifically in Delhi and found these two threads: *
  18. quan chi

    Queries about HDD RMA.

    Hi guys i have a 250gb WD HDD. which recently went bad i think. Since during a download from torrent i got redendancy error and then after re-booting it is not showing up in the window. Anyways it contained some important infos too. What i want to ask is if i give it for RMA then will there be...
  19. P

    Micromax Canvas 4 Launch

    Hi guys, Does anybody know when the new Micromax Canvas will be launched? And what are the system specs we are about to see in Canvas?Are they gonna be a mid-price range phones just like Canvas HD? And most importantly,are they worth the wait..Just give me any information you have on Canvas 4...

    batman arkham - origins

    Has anybody check the new trailer of batman arkham origins . yo can also play with the new assassin deathstroke ,but we remember the great psychopath JOKER in this edition . if u give the pre-order of the game . here is the link . Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer - YouTube
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