1. HE-MAN

    2d hdtv to 3d hdtv

    is there any device that can turn my led hdtv into a 3d hdtv...... also if there is one plz give the details, price and possibly a link...
  2. TheMost

    S3 or original NOTE ?

    I own a galaxy note N7000 - 11 months old ... My friend knows some person in a mobile shop and he says that if i give my Note + 5000 Rs he could get me a New unboxed S3 indian version .. I am seriously freakinn out .. whether to say OK or not I however have the below problems with my Galaxy...
  3. T

    Dell - U2312HM Buying advice

    Hi, I am planning to buy Dell-U2312HM monitor, for designing/ watching movies mainly. Buying on Ebay deal of week @ Rs.15150. Shall i proceed with it or any other options are there to consider. Please give me your ideas. Thanks! EDIT: Also considering about Dell S2440L, is it a good buy for...
  4. F

    Best Broadband in Goa?

    Hey! I have Hathway 512kbps plan. And I was wondering whether there is any better ISP that will give me better pings/value for money? I have tried BSNL, it's not good.. :/
  5. R

    32" LED - Budget 30K

    I am looking for a 32" LED TV for my bedroom. I would prefer Full HD as I have heard that HD ready TVs sometimes give problems. Regards
  6. dalbir

    3D sound technology

    5.1 ,7.1 and Dolby Digital are old technology now. We are on the edge of a new technology called 3D sound technology. Soon we will be experiencing a new kind of sound. It is called 3D sound. It is totally different from the older sounds that was experienced only from the front and sides...
  7. D

    Give review of NXG Tablet

    Can someone give me tell me about NXG Tablets please?
  8. ShankJ


    recently bought a hp pavillion dv4-5009tx laptop.. Can any existing user give me its review(GPU)..
  9. AVT

    [Query] got offered for Gigabyte h77ds3h -- A h67ausb3-b3 mobo (Gigabyte). Is that okay ?

    is that fair value ? I know its a older generation board but will it have problems working with ivy bridge and gtx 6xx cards ? It sucks that they could not give the same model number but I bought it in September and they are giving me a new board in November so I m having some doubts?
  10. aaruni

    Merging MySQL databases

    Can I merge two MySQL databases, with similar structures but different, and some overlapping data? If so, can anybody give detailed steps? I am a n00b...
  11. digit06

    Which one for gaming?

    new pc build for my brother he need a gaming pc so i decided to choose a mobo for him which one or give suggestions gigabyte 78lmt-s2p or giabyte h61-ds2 give suggestions of another mobo under 3k
  12. V

    Review needed. Cannot decide whic t.v to buy :/

    I can't decide between SAMSUNG UA32EH6030 and LG32LW5700. Please someone give me a review on them
  13. iittopper

    anyone play online game via 3g??

    i am thinking of playing games online like bf3 , coop game like boarderland 2 , gta 4 etc via mtnl or ideal 3G . Do it give decent pings and latency?? Even if it give me slighltly playable ping ( just no lag) i would be more than happy . So user who have experience it can share their views ???
  14. sam9953

    Need Urgent Help on Buying Xperia S from Adexmart

    Hi guys, today I went to nearly 9 shops near my house for buying a new Xperia S, as I have decided finally that I am going to buy that. All of them are offering me 27K which is lesser than FK but more than a website called adexmart. Sony Xperia S Android Mobile Phone -White - adexmart It...
  15. C

    Cheapest possible config?

    I need to assemble a download rig for as low as possible. Give suggestions please
  16. B

    best quality earhones around rs500

    hello people i want to buy best quality bass-heavy in-ear earphones under rs500(may extend to rs700) i want to use it in my blackberry plz give me the best suggestions
  17. nikku_hot123

    Need a color printer within 5k

    hey guys i want a color printer within 5~5.5 k. please give your suggestions urgently..
  18. S

    3d tv suggestion?

    I had a plasma TV that just broke one week ago. I am now thinking about getting a 3d tv. One of my close friends told me to get a passive 3d tv but I am a noob at these things. Can anyone give me a suggestion?
  19. R is a reliable online shopping website?

    I am planning to buy a mobile phone from this website - * I want to know if it is a safe website or not. If anybody has used this website to buy things then please give your reviews. Should I go ahead for shopping?
  20. C

    gigabyte RMA question

    Sorry, this is irrelevant, but even I wanted to give my gigabyte mobo for rma. Can u plz give me the link where I can submit a request ? Ne help would be appreciated. Thanks
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