1. mohityadavx

    Query certification Course

    Hi! I would be joining college this year & would be doing B Tech in CS/IT whichever gets me better college. Now I have some questions:- 1)What Is DOEACC? 2) CAn it be done alon with BTEch? 3) Will it give me some benefit if I do DOEACC seeing the fact i would be doing B Tech. 4)Are there...
  2. J

    Should i replace my new motherboard

    hey guys recently i got my new rig but my assembler put wrong mobo dh67vr .i ordered intel dp67bg but he was enable to find that so should i stick with vr or change it and get other asus mobos .This mobo vr is also cheaper but i want performance plz give suggestions configuration i5...
  3. mohityadavx


    Hi! I want to audiochat with my relatives abroad. My problem is that I don't have a webcam but just headphone with Mic ( Microsoft Lifechat LX 3000) . i want a software which could enable me to do so. Both Audiochat software and its service should be free. Google will give many results...
  4. doomgiver

    haha, pwned by WoW hotkeys

    Can’t Let You HotKey That, Kwakmeister! : HALOLZ what a noob!!! someone give him a crash course!!
  5. S

    sandy bridge config

    hallo everyone, I am planning to buy a desktop only for my gaming exprience.My budget is 60k. Config is-> prossy->Intel core i5 2500k mboard->intel DP67BG RAM->2*2GB DDR3 1333MHZ corsair Hdd->Seagate 1TB 7200.12 Graphics card->XFX Radeon HD5850 Monitor->BenQ G2220HD Cabinet->Cooler...
  6. aytus

    40 incher : 60K HDTV

    Guys i'd like to buy an HDTV. I'm pretty much sold on 40" screen size. The foremost requirment is good picture quality. ( Dont require Videophile Standards but should be good enough) Placement is in a Moderately lit living room. With viewing hours ranging from 7000 to 2200 hrs. Dont need 3D...
  7. B

    PowerDVD 6

    I am from Arts College Limkheda and we are regular customer of your magazine, but i wanted to know the suggestion for Which Player works good to Play DVD Movies for Windows 7 OS and that is free, just know i am using Powerdvd 6 version which is not supported by Win 7 OS. Give me reply as soon...
  8. pritamk

    monitor for gaming

    hey guys i finally got my rig my config i5 2500 intel DH67BL sapphire 6950 1 GB CM elite 430 corsair VX 550 watt seagate 1Tb 7200.12 G skill 4 GB ram i need your help in getting monitor for gaming which will give the best performance i want to have moniTOr with HDMI connectivity my...
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