1. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Any good news with regards to the fantastic pricing?

    heard 1060 dropped to 24.2k from a friend @siddhesh222 is it any good? Your thoughts and future predictions.
  2. Vyom

    [Ordered] Card for my i5-4570 PC, Games: RL, GTA V, Racing games, Bioshock Remaster, Budget: ~15k

    I upgraded from a Pen 4 PC after 7 years. Now am using a Core i5 4570 PC since 3 years. And been gaming on integrated graphics ever since. I was not much of a gamer, but since Jan 2016 Rocket League have consumed my life. It have made me a gamer again. And with the advent of other games like...
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    GFX card and SMPS suggestions

    This is for a friend. Please give suggestions as he has no gfx card right now and zebronics economy 450W which would definitely need replacement. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will...
  4. D

    GTA 4 has stopped working..

    I have updated latest drivers. Since then gta 4 doesn't work although it runs in inbuilt gfx card..My gfx card is 2gb gt 630m.
  5. I

    Please suggest upgrade for 10k

    Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my aging core2duo based system to something faster for no more than 10k. Its primary use would be gaming and 1080p videos. My current config is the follows - Cpu - Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2ghz Mobo - Gigabyte p35 s3g - not working Gfx card - msi...
  6. Z

    Suggest a vfm psu for my system

    Hello, so my corsair rm 450(got it through rma corsair vx450 my old psu) stopped functioning properly ( system not powering on with gfx card). time to buy a new psu. Can you suggest me a good, efficient, value for money psu for my system ( strictly budget options preffered around 1500 of...
  7. Z

    Pc not powering on with gfx installed

    Hi, my pc went suddenly off and wasn't powering off after that. Motherboard gave single short beep. So i removed my gfx card after trying changing ram slots . Now it's working fine without gfx card if I plug gfx card again it doesn't power on again Is my gfx card dead or my psu faulty ...
  8. GhorMaanas

    GFX card within 20k budget

    (posting on behalf of a friend) Hello! a friend needs a GFX card for gaming. should be able to run the latest games in HD at max. settings. PC specs: - CPU is FX8120 - RAM is 8GB sorry, don't know about his motherboard and RAM details. will ask him if that's important. he has a GTX 550 Ti...
  9. emailvarunchandak

    IS Gigabyte NVIDIA GV-N740D5OC-2GI Graphics Card Compatible with P5KPL-AM/PS Motherboard ?

    I am planning to buy a new GFX card, without any changes to my current configuration, apart from my existing GPU. I have shorted out to this : Gigabyte NVIDIA GV-N740D5OC-2GI Graphics Card. My query is whether this gfx card is compatible with my P5KPL-AM/PS Motherboard ? Please let me know...
  10. A

    Frame Rate does not cross 60 irrespective of Quality setting

    I have an R9270x GFX card. Im currently playing MotoGP 2013 game in my 1080P DELL monitor(refresh rate =60hz). I used MSI afterburner with On Screen display to measure the FPS .With ultra settings @ 1080P , the game FPS is 52-60 range with a second or two going to 61. The game was perfectly...
  11. A

    PSU & Cabinet for R9 270X

    Im planning to get this config CPU i5-4440 MB Gigabyte B85 d3h GFX R9 270X Can I get Antec VP550 for this config. Would it be sufficient. This config will remain as it is, with any addition of further GF cards or GFX upgrades. Also please suggest a 2-3 cabinets options for it (as...
  12. B

    GFX Card for GA-G41MT-ES2L - URGENT !!

    Hello, Need your suggestion for a GFX card for the Motherboard GA-G41-ES2L, Budget ~ 5k . . also let me know for any additional PSU needed. It is a very old board, but a rookie question would be "I would expect a board which I may use for future config if possible". Thanks in Advance for...
  13. Vyom

    Under 10 k GFX for a Xeon Video Editing Rig

    Earlier this year I assembled a PC for a friend, for Video Editing and finalized components costing me around 60k in total. But it was not including a Graphic card. Now the time have come when I need to find a Graphic Card for the "little beast" that I like to call it. 1. Which Power Supply...
  14. M

    PCI & PCIE16 Issue

    Hey guys, First off, thanks for looking into my query. You guys have helped me before and I hope you'll be able and be kind enough, to do the same again. Right. So here are the relevant specs. MoBo: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H GFX : MSI R5770 BIOS: Award So one fine day, the PC stops booting. So...
  15. S

    i3 4010u with better ram and gfx vs i5 4200u

    Hi, I am considering purchase of laptop with following requirements - Core i5 4th gen, 4GB ram, Windows OS loaded, somewhat lightweight, with budget of 40-45k max... Usage is mainly browsing and general office software. I have shortlisted HP Pavilion 14-n009TU as it is 2kg and fits my...
  16. A

    Need gfx card budget 35k

    Hi, I am upgrading my gfx card. I'll get a new one in may. So, I want suggestion from you. I am considering R9 290 Tri-X. Its overclocking capabilities are good. At 1150 Mhz GPU with 80 mV boost it match 780 ti and runs perfectly stable as per Anandtech's review. Please suggest anything else...
  17. A

    Gaming laptop under 55k

    Hey guys Need some help here...I'm a hardcore gamer on a budget. Getting my first laptop. Could you suggest a good mid-range laptop under 55k? I really liked the Lenovo y580. But it's not available in India as far as I know. I've seen used models on ebay under my budget. But then again, they're...
  18. Flash

    Indian GFX companies losing creativity?

    I was shocked to see the below movie poster today morning, in newspapers.. Posters which i've grabbed, after seeing the above: Title is self-explanatory.. Are we really losing creativity? Our filmmakers are copying movies, that's a well-known fact. But, Gfx...
  19. rahulbalmuri

    MSI 6970 Lightning Crashing Frequently..Help!!

    Well, its been 2 years i am using this Beast and now it started to trouble me :( My pc Config is in my Sig.. I have been using windows 8 and suddenly every game crashes after I enter the game i.e., after the loading part is done!! So i update the gfx drivers and see again.. No Change!! So I...
  20. A

    Buying a CPU or APU + Mobo @15k

    Hey guys, As the title says, I wanna buy a mobo and CPU or APU @ 15k My current config is : Intel Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz 4 Gb 1333 Mhz ram XFX Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3 GFX VIP 400W Gold PSU Digilite G41 mobo 21 inch monitor, 1440x900 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all...
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