Suggest a vfm psu for my system

zafar khan

Broken In
Hello, so my corsair rm 450(got it through rma corsair vx450 my old psu) stopped functioning properly ( system not powering on with gfx card).
time to buy a new psu.
Can you suggest me a good, efficient, value for money psu for my system ( strictly budget options preffered around 1500 of possible)

extreme power calculator results : Minimum PSU Wattage: 223 W
Recommended : 273 W

Pc specs : cpu - intel core i3 530
mobo - intel dh55pj
gfx - msi radeon 5770
ram - 2gb
hdd - 320gb sata

how about this one : Antec BP350PS 350 Watt PSU: Electronics

would it be able to suffice my pc power needs with reliable and efficient power supply ?
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