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Pc not powering on with gfx installed

zafar khan

Broken In
Hi, my pc went suddenly off and wasn't powering off after that.
Motherboard gave single short beep.
So i removed my gfx card after trying changing ram slots .
Now it's working fine without gfx card if I plug gfx card again it doesn't power on again

Is my gfx card dead or my psu faulty ?

Got psu through rma when my corsair vx 450 died few months back.
Specs :
CPU - Intel core i3
Gfx - MSN radeon 5770
Psu - corsair gs 550


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your psu has enough power to run your pc. The gpu may be shorting with the cabinet. Take out the motherboard from cabinet, place it on a open table and mount the gpu. Try to power it on.
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