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Need gfx card budget 35k


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Hi, I am upgrading my gfx card. I'll get a new one in may. So, I want suggestion from you. I am considering R9 290 Tri-X.
Its overclocking capabilities are good. At 1150 Mhz GPU with 80 mV boost it match 780 ti and runs perfectly stable as per Anandtech's review.
Please suggest anything else you have in mind.

-Anything better than R9 290 Tri-X under 35k
-Should I wait for Maxwell (There were some news that it is postponed)

I play on 1080p
Usually BF4, Titanfall
It will be a one time investment. I won't be upgrading for next 2 years.
I would be recording some gameplay vids too.
Maxwell is delayed for the nest year so its out of option and that R9 290 Would be your best bet .. get it BTW which PSU you have ? and other configuration ?


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I am having a corsair VS650 PSU
CPU is phenom 2 X6

Please don't tell that R9 290 with a Phenom II X6 is useless as i can't upgrade everything at a time, there are some limitations for a student.
I am planning to get the best I can get with AM3 socket
Well your Thoughts are true your processor will bottleneck the GPU so you wont get performance upgrades investing in it. Rather if you can upgrade you budget get a better processor and a little poor GPU.
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