Frame Rate does not cross 60 irrespective of Quality setting


Broken In
I have an R9270x GFX card. Im currently playing MotoGP 2013 game in my 1080P DELL monitor(refresh rate =60hz).

I used MSI afterburner with On Screen display to measure the FPS .With ultra settings @ 1080P , the game FPS is 52-60 range with a second or two going to 61. The game was perfectly smooth but I was unhappy that my GFX card could give only 60 FPS on such a non-graphic intensive game.

So to recheck the FPS numbers, I now turned down the Game resolution to 800X600 and set the quality to Lowest, but even now the FPS hovers around the same range 55-60.

Why is it limited to 60FPS? IS it because my monitors refresh rate is 60HZ or something to do with my GFX card setting?


Try #1 : Uncheck Limit framerate option in options menu
Try #2 : Uncheck Vsync
Try #3 : Search internet for removing limit on FPS on that game by CFG editing

if all these dont work, you are out of luck.. the game has a hard cap on FPS
Needing more than 60fps is useless. You display is probably 60Hz so that makes this need unecessary. Even if you display is 120Hz or GSync type, you will need to really tell your brain that THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE that also leads you into thinking -" WOW MONEY WELL SPENT "
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