1. Faun

    Resident Evil 7

    Surprised that no one created the thread. It's one of the most satisfying horror game I played in a long time. What's interesting about it is the progression of protagonist from helpless distressed fellow to a know it all ready for anything. And the fact that you are given bouts of...
  2. H

    Best speakers within 7k ? (2.1/2.0)

    Currently, I'm considering Swan M10. Is there anything better out there given the budget ? Some pointers - - Need neutral signature - High clarity - Not a basshead so I can compromise on bass I listen to almost everything - rock, blues, jazz, classical, pop, country etc Some less...
  3. m-jeri

    [Want to Buy] Digital Comics

    Hi. Looking to grow my digital comic book collection. Any genre. PM me. Thanks.
  4. TheHumanBot

    [Suggetions] Full Music Albums

    Guys, Suggestions for listening to not one particular song but the whole must must listen albums of your choice any genre? Thank you :D
  5. gameranand

    Ghost Recon Phantoms

    So nowadays some of the TDF guys are playing this game including me and tell me tell you that this game is fun to play a tough nut to crack with a noob team. Developer - Ubisoft Singapore Publisher - Ubisoft Genre - TPS So please Share...
  6. T

    Recommendations for a TV Show

    Recommend a TV show. It must be in the Drama genre and must have a very high IMDb rating. Thanx.
  7. R

    One song can have different genres!

    How many of you agree? How many times have you been confused as to what genre a song belongs to? Do you judge a song on the basis of just the background music? Or just the instruments? Are genres subjective to different people? Thing is - my friend asked all this all of a sudden when I...
  8. max_snyper

    Must have games of 2012...<List>

    Hey i'm just creating this thread so that people who were busy,are new to the gaming world, gamers like me.....will get to keep the track of the current favorites of the year as well as upcoming favorites of the year....... I will post the list of games which are current hot topic..and which are...
  9. Faun

    Bandcamp Share Thread - Reaching out into the abyss !

    Let's share the awesome albums we find on bandcamp. Starting out with these three. *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo Genre: Progressive Rock Sample: Crown of Eagle Feathers | *shelsmusic Extradimensional Ethnography by Akara Genre: Fusion of genres (classical...
  10. Sarath

    [Poll] Your favourite genre of games

    Well we all play games in some form or the other and hence I would like to know what genre of games do we play most. A few points to thorn out: 1/ The object of this pole is to know what is the genre of game you cannot live without. Basically, to help you vote think on the following...
  11. Z

    In-ear headphones

    I am looking for in-ear headphones under Rs. 2500. I listen to more of hip hop but it should be capable of all kinds of genre.
  12. rajeshjsl

    the imdb help

    hello , i want imdb to display all movies above 7 ratings and by all means all and by year also or genre, how do i do that ?
  13. NewsBytes

    Ten must-have PC exclusive games in 2010

    10. Drakensang: The River Of Time Release Date: TBA 2010 Genre: RPG Drakensang: The Dark Eye was developed by Radon Labs and it was released in August 2008. The game had a deep combat system and good production values, but it was awfully mediocre in the storytelling department. Details on the...
  14. IronCruz

    Which Is Your Dream Movie?

    Which Is Your Favourite Movie? Everybody please Tell your favourite movies, so that others can watch and enjoy too. Please mention it's genre. :-P:wink:
  15. soumya

    Must Watch ''Twist In The End'' Movies

    This is like my favorite genre :D Films like The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Memento and Oldboy are on the top of my movie list. So what do you guys recommend in this genre?
  16. jxcess3891

    Can u suggest a good book?

    I want to gift a book to my neighbour on his birthday, who's in his 60s and very fond of reading. Can u suggest a gud book which costs less than a thousand bucks - fiction/ non fiction both included ? I don't know what his genre of reading is and I don't want to ask him as I want to surprise...
  17. S

    Which is your favourite genre ?

    The title says it all. Mine are FPS and RPG.
  18. aditya1987

    Your Favourite Music Genre??? And few Questions!! ;-)

    I was curious to know what genre of music do you like? Also tell your favourite band/artist, favourite song, favourite music video And favourite Concert/Live Performance. I am also adding a poll for this. There can only be ten options in the poll. So sorry if you genre is not in it. By the...
  19. sam9s

    Watch out for these Upcoming PC Games For 2009

    I think now the time has come when we can start discuessing games coming in 2009. Same as the prequel thread Games 2008 was meant for............. Listing is in no particular order, or importance...... 1. THEY Release Date : TBA 2009 Genre : FPS (sci-fi/Horror) Platform : PC, PS3...
  20. dead_eye

    help gamers please.......

    hello, a relative is coming to my place from us so i am thinking of buying a game cd (through him) :cool: please can you tell any good game ..... any genre but i like action /adventure more but it should be good and exciting
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