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So nowadays some of the TDF guys are playing this game including me and tell me tell you that this game is fun to play a tough nut to crack with a noob team.

Developer - Ubisoft Singapore
Publisher - Ubisoft
Genre - TPS


So please Share your IGN and discuss the tactics and guns.

Mine is Gameranand.


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The million dollar question: is it pay to win?

No. I am on level 10 Assault and never thought that its Pay to Win, You just need to stick to one class and its upgrades then its OK if you go for all classes then guns are expensive. For me no its not P2W.

^^yea i think but not in lower levels

In higher level also you only need a few modifications for scope and control other than that its OK.

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Anand , Need some review about this game , Will try it .

OK will try to do it soon enough. :)


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not pay to win for sure. xp gained in match is the default currency you can almost everything from the store with xp.
more over game size is small at 3.2gb and works well with only 512kbps connection.

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been playing this for a year now


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set you're profanity filter on then they allocat you to match where gamers have same internet speed or same bandwidth irrespective you're level. if want to play with gamers on same level as you select that option before starting the match search

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oh missed this thread somehow. most of us play as assault in the clan.

we just got map voting! like rig and attica most

as far as pay to win is concerned, afaik you can outplay the best equipped chars with basic gear and teamwork... even after level 8 (not allowed to join nub rooms after any one class reaches that level). also, I would imagine for anyone who pays for the gear it to be doubly difficult to say use the specialized tier II gear directly without practicing first on the tier I gear. haven't used beyond this.

my IGN is shootybangbang. about guns I use 1-4x versatile scope with narrow and broad fov for all kinds of situations, upgrade in such a way that sacrifice load time and firing rate for accuracy and control. then to compensate for one second plus load time in primary weapon, have something that you can actually run and gun with for secondary... so while pushing use pistols.



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True that and we have witnessed and won many close matches because of teamwork, last time we played with [MENTION=22661]ManiDhillon[/MENTION], so close matches that we had to secure just one point and defend it, no option to push forward and the opponents had really good weapons, tier 4-5 weapons and we had just tier 1 weapon and armor and yet we won. give us noob teams and we can crush them to Echo point in game. :)
We need you in the clan, as you play sniper and we need a good sniper, just add me as friend and I'll add you to the clan. :)


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@Anorian [MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION], I too somehow never saw this thread, may be because I don't bother with TDF much these days.
Anyway I think [MENTION=138116]HE-MAN[/MENTION] has send me a friend request, is ur IGN HEMAN?
I've lots of screenshots but they are mostly of WIN/SCORE screen. I can upload when I find them.
Here it is:








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Actually this thread is 2 days old. :lol:

Anyways here comes the review as requested by [MENTION=136697]iittopper[/MENTION]

Ghost Recon Phantoms Review

Its not really likely for Ubisoft to release a Free to Play games every then and now but they finally did it with Ghost Recon Phantoms. Ghost Recon Phantoms is a Free to Play Squad based combat games which switches from FPS to TPS and vice versa dynamically. This game was released way back in 2012 but it was in Beta and just some months ago this game has finally came out of Beta with this name, previously it was known as Ghost Recon Online and was under development. You can get this game from Steam or from Ubisoft site also.

Now the game is certainly not the best to look at but it looks moderately good, and to be honest you can’t expect much eye candy than this one from a F2P, it has been developed with YETI engine which is a modified UE3 engine, I’ll add some screenshots when I play this game next time.

In this game you play in a 8 people Squad and you can choose one of the three classes, Assault, Recon or Support with each class having two abilities. Assault are front line fighters, with abilities like Blitz and TDS, as for weapons they are expert in Assault rifles and shotguns. Recon are the one who either Sneak up behind you and kill your entire squad or take you out from distance, they have Cloak and Scan ability, they will have either SMGs for close quarter recon specialist or Snipers for long Range recon. Support Role provide support to other classes with their abilities like Shield and EMP EMP Blackout, they are proficient in LMGs & Rifles. Now talking about these abilities is easy but properly using them with the Team is quite a difficult task.


The Blitz Ability of Assault enables him to put a shield before him and run like hell to knockdown others and kill them, but in this duration he can be killed from behind so others have to provide cover for him, also TDS suppresses the enemies with a device which which provide continuous fire where you point it to. As for Recon abilities they are quite simple enough, Cloak mode makes you invisible to normal eyes but not expert eyes for a short duration and Scan enables you to see all the enemies above you even behind the walls and covers in the vicinity. The Shield ability of Support will soak up damage for some time and it will kinda create a bubble in which you’ll be safe for a short duration, really good for pushing and EMP Blackout counters this by destroying that bubble. So if you are going in with bubble and opposition has EMP Blackout and uses it then all the squadmates in that bubble will be dead shot.

With so many abilities the key point is to work with the team together to achieve capture the points, for example start the Bubble and TDS from Assault and even if the opponent has EMP Blast then also you’ll be alive coz of suppressing fire from TDS, similarly scan the area with the recon and Assault with Blitz can knock down enemies and Recon with cloak can kill them quickly after and also save Blitz guys from being shot down, so in the end it comes down to working as a team and using abilities properly by informing others as well so they can benefit from it as well. And for that the voice communication in this game works flawlessly, its really good and you can interact with your teammates using microphones, always tell them how you dies, who killed you so other member don’t become the cannon fodder for him.

There are basically three game modes, one is Capture the point, in which both teams start with 2 points and they have to capture another three to win or when timer runs out team with max captures wins the round. Other is Capture and Hold which is self explanatory, third is Defend in which you are given three points and enemy have to capture them to win, and you have to defend them in order to win the round. Each match will contain two rounds.

Now here comes the best part, the weapon customization, you select a weapon and you can micromanage every aspect of it, you want a 4x zoom in a Assault, you are in, want silencer too, good. You need a Sniper with silencer, or want a SMG with very high rate of fire, you can micromanage each and every aspect of any weapon and tweak it to your heart content. Similarly you can upgrade your armor and abilities as well and tweak them, however there is not much for armor modifications. For buying these the in game currency is points or gold, which you get after each and every match according to your performance in the match, you can also simply buy them for real money as well.



This game is certainly not without issues, first of all the maps are less than my expectations, they are not in abundant amount, I hope Ubi fixes this by adding more maps in game. Matchmaking is sometimes frustrating, for example, you get in team with extreme noobs which will cost you the match no matter your skill level. Also many times you are getting really high pings and others are getting lower pings so you are at disadvantage but this can be countered with a in game settings. The weapon modification in this game is quite costly to say the least, you can’t buy many weapons with the points provided but get enough for a single class.

Now the million dollar question “Is this game Pay to Win ??“. My answer would be NO, yes the weapon prices and their modifications is higher than expected and you get some advantage with them but as long as you are playing with a single class and need modification for that class only then you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket, you can easily buy using the points provided after matches, if you want to buy for each class then well you have spend real money and that is case for nearly every F2P game. Also using grenade is expensive in this game as they come under consumables and you have to buy and use, so I never use them, simple as that. I can kill with my weapon only and can dodge grenades. With a better teamwork you can easily counter good weapons bought with real money in any game.

Pros :
Class abilities adds fun
Teamwork required
Weapon modification

Cons :
Matchmaking is sometimes messed up
Lesser maps
Weapon modification is costly

Overall Score - 8/10
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^^ [MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION], very good review. Well I am too lazy to post a long review about any title but I can add this.
This is true multi-player, as [MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] said, you can't accomplish anything unless you use teamwork, no matter how skilled you are.
1. You could be the best sniper and you could be camping at your own spawn point but somebody's gonna sneak up and kill you, unless your team-mate/s is/are backing you up and scanning/killing enemies close to your position.
2. You could run to other team's hideout and kill all members but that isn't gonna accomplish anything if your team is sitting duck/camping for kills and they don't push forward.
All in all this is not a "Run and Gun" game like CSGO or COD/BF, this is objective and squad based tactical shooter.
And about pay to win, as long as you are good and your team is good, expensive guns doesn't matter, of course the gun statistics makes you feel better but over all, all the guns are same.

And this game does have issues which gameranand explained. First there are no special servers. Servers are allotted based on players and most are in EU region so expect high pings. But when you play in night and are pitted against most Indian players then all the pings are same and you can play.
Maps are very few and some have clear advantage/disadvantage for one team.

PS: if anyone is willing to play then me, Anorian, kunalht and gameranand play a lot. Add us on steam or in game. here are the IDs:
[MENTION=56202]Anorion[/MENTION] = ShootyBangBang
[MENTION=145360]kunalht[/MENTION] = firebird9
[MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] = gameranand
[MENTION=22661]ManiDhillon[/MENTION] = DDIF
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yeah my IGN is HEMAN. I think i have added ddif gameranand shootybangbang will add firebird9..
and for some reason i always end with indian and pak players in match
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