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Krishna Murthy

Right off the assembly line
Gadgets like Smart Phones, iPads and many others rule lives today.
A question for GIRLS :
Has any of these Gadgets brought good or bad to you ? your life ?
Has it changed your lives for better or for worse ?
I believe many of the so called surveys are BUNKUM, hence this direct question to you.
My Motivation for this thread ?
1. An article in Digit Magazine, the reactions to it and the Editor's explanation.
2. A Roadies episode on MTV where the Judges KICKED-OUT a wouldbe participant for his views on GIRLS in a live-in relationship. (I would do the same and so do other sensitive-sensible human beings)
Many of us would like to know firsthand from you.
Can you share ?


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
nooo they like small handy objects. i mean look at the clutches they carry.

But apple products are eye candy, no doubt about it. if it looks beautiful and serves the purpose then why not choose it....if you have got the extra cash ;)


I am the master of my Fate.
Thread Title implies dat only girls r allowed on this thread....

there r no girls in TDF????
all shud changed their profile pic to girls to keep the forum members motivated :grin:

Google Angela Byron
& also a lady from Ubisoft Assasins Creed Team..errr..I forgot her name :-(


Gals ?? Gals ?? gals ?? :rofl:

Everyone should look in to some threads debated about gals in 2009 , after seeing those threads i dont think no gals will come to TDF forum !


It seems that only Reddead understood what I meant.

I think Vamsi is trying to keep us motivated while Faun unmotivated us by changing his profile pic today.

Also are you talking about :
Miss Jade Raymond ?



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Asked my female friends regarding this.

Most are happy if they have a good mobile through which they can "socialize" using apps.
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