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Okay guys, this is a part of my school Economics Project, and I ask for your humble cooperation, if possible. The topic of this survey is

"Usage Pattern Of Handheld Gadgets"

Please return the answers as a single post in the following format (copy paste the question, give a - and answer)


Q1. Your Full Name and Age(Optional)
A. <Your Answer>

Q2. What is your current occupation?
A. Student
B. Self Employed
C. Employee
D. Others (please specify)

Q3. How many children/siblings do you have?
A. <Your Answer>

Q4. How many of them own a handheld gadgets?
A. <Your Answer>

Q5. Which of the following gadgets do you/they own? (More than one)
A. Multimedia Mobile Phone
B. Monochrome Basic Phone
C. iPod (shuffle/classic/nano)
D. Other PMPs
E. Any other handheld gadget (please specify)

Q6. What is your most basic requirement that a handheld gadget fulfills?
A. Music
B. Camera
C. Internet
D. Plain phone Calling device
E. Other (please specify)

Q7. Do you own separate gadgets for separate tasks?
A. Yes <Give reason>
B. No <Give reason>

Q8. Do you carry your PMP/Navigator/etc. wherever you go i.e. College, Workplace, School?
A. Yes
B. No

Q9. How many hours on an average (weekly) do you spend listening to songs on your PMP/Mobile?
A. 0-3hrs
B. 3-6hrs
C. 6-9hrs
D. More <Give approx>

Q10. Do you think handheld gadgets are an essential boon to our commodity or are we becoming addicted to them?
A. Essential
B. Addicted
C. Both
D. Neither


Thank you for your valuable time, I shall post the results as soon as I get the replies. Please please help me out everyone this is my Eco Project, and I do not want to make fake reports like most do, or just state my source as secondary, I want to do it myself, and this is a perfect medium for this task.
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