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  • Ami Msi board e bios update korechi.Khub soja software deye kora jai kintu asus board ami konodin use korini, tai hand experience nei.Tumi tkin ke jegesh koro or asus board ache.
    Hmm, I haven't bought a cooler yet, so not running the system atm, I used the stock cooler to check out the bios, it was awesome, tons of features, detected the 8GB RAM and drives very fast then I logged into windows, looked around a bit, all fine, then I shut it down and removed the stock cooler. I'll give detailed reviews after getting the cooler.

    And, yes, it has both onboard gfx and dedicated gfx support, switching is automatic, I logged in using my dedicated card.
    MD Computers, apparently its the only one in kolkata ATM, new lot will come next week, price is 13.2k+tax.
    no need of any sorry dude, its ok. give a request to ICO to move it the proper location

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