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Hello, I want to know what qualification needs to do reviewing tech gadgets like cnet, engadet, ndtv tech guru, etc.
How much money can be earned by this profession??



No qualifications needed. College degree, passion for tech and decent writing skills. To be a reviewer you have to have an analytical mind. Fanboyism and bias should not cloud your reviews. If you start your own blog or work for smaller blogs, you'll earn less (per article or via ads). If you apply to a channel, it's best if you join as an intern before applying. There was a similar thread by TheLetterD in this section. Search before posting. :)


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Pay grade and the quality of content internationally is significantly higher compared to how its done in India, atleast for those who are starting. Initially, you're a guy who posts news, then covering events and expo. One thing leads to another and then the publication/editor lets you review smaller accessories and you work your way up. Freelancing pays a lot but not really in India. Few American freelance reviewers I know sell their expertise and content as a reviewer to an online publication for atleast $500 per review. A lot of international magazines pick up few freelancers and send them to international expos- but they hire people whom they're familiar with and if you have lot of industry contacts from within. But if you're a freelance or running your own thing- you need to have your own resources, initial investment, space and lot of patience/ sacrifice of sleep. That's why a lot of the newer guys do unboxing videos in youtube, but in any case like any job you have to work very hard and significantly harder to keep it consistent. Not an easy job as a freelance/doing it on your own if you're older. If you're 18 or something, you have plenty of time to grow. The news contributors I know get about 2-4k USD per month, depending on how much they post. Reviewers, depending on the workload, get bit higher. If you're looking for higher career progress after being in this stage: You can either start your own review site and become a freelance till your site becomes big- or get a good job with one of the manufacturers who communicate with- but for this you need to have a degree.

A lot of people were picked up as reviewers after contributing in multiple international forums- and usually a lot of sites consider that as an experience unofficially provided it meets their standards and considering the obvious limited resources you'll have when you start off.

Doing your own site? Takes massive amount of push and connection. But if you can do it, that's great. It will take few years though and make sure you have something to initially invest for resources.
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