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When i connected my new 8GB memory card to computer which is running on Windows 7 starter through card reader it appeared as USB001 weighed 1kb although my memory card was filled with that weighed 7.4GB.The content is not appeared in my pops as it need to be formatted .After that i formatted my memory card & recovered that stuff through Recuva .It contained lot of ebooks .After i recoverd it through Recuva all pdf are named as [ x y z]where x,y,z are all numbers but some files are not readable .Before formatting i tried on multiple computers but same probelm.
After all, thanks to DIGIT magazine & its team through which i got know Recuva.But some are readable plz help me through this.Why it said it need to be formatted ? I am using this memorycard on my Nokia C2-00.


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though recuva is a great utility to recover data from deleted/formatted disks, it's not the ULTIMATE! There's a possibility that it wasn't able to recover all the data from the formatted sectors and that's why some of your PDF files won't work. This happens a lot with images and other media files. AFAIK, the popup appears when your computer isn't able to access your memory card (either it has gone kaput, or it's password protected, or your card reader isn't able to connect properly-happens a lot with cheap card readers)
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