Formatted my most imp partition...Is there any hope?


During re-installation of XP, somehow I formatted the partition in which I had a few movies, raw video, pics and lots of software. I did the quick format NTFS and installed XP. Plz tell me is there any hope to recover that partition?

If yes then how...


Do you have a second PC or a second HDD? Try to get a recovery software installed on it and attach this HDD in that PC as a secondary hdd and attempt recovery.

If you dont have a second PC, get a friends PC or ask your local technician to help you out...

You should be able to get your files depending on extent to which the newly written files have overwritten at locations of the old data.

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Try Partition Find and Mount v.2.31 for Windows

It will recover whole partition.. Do post your experience.


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i would recommend try easeus it via torrent.. would take a lot of time but you would be able to recover 80 %..happened with me last month...
yep but it would take hours to scan..


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If I've understood correctly, u've installed XP on the same drive u're trying to recover data.
I'm very skeptical even if u get to recover any data they will be useful.

Thou, try Recuva(free) and RecoverMyFiles(paid).

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Data Recovery of Cent Percent Cannot be guaranteed, You May try wth Recuva [Preferred Freeware], else with O&O UnErase


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Hello techani,

There is less chances to get back your data after restore your system but you should try at least as may be the space on drive could not over-written, you should simply try a good data recovery software like Kernel for XP partition recovery software in which you can preview the data of your hdd drive in scanning mode and the deleted, missed formatted data will be show there in red color, if you find your data in scanning then you can easily save the lost data to any desired location but a necessary condition is only that the hdd space has not over-written. You can check the demo version for the working of the software and the data is available or not?


I thank everyone sincerely here for trying to help me out.

To Himadri: I tried the Stellar sw. In free version it showed me the files but wouldnt recover it as it was free. I downloaded from torrent and it would crash after about 15 min. in running.

To Manishjha18: I tried Easeus sw. But i dont know I was not comfortable with it coz it was showing many partitions whereas i had only one to recover and it didnt show anything regarding that one!

To Rhitwick: Yes i tried to not to overwrite that partition. And yes i tried Recuva and it worked!!! I got around 50% of the files back. Now I have checked a few video files and those were all right. Now I have got many video files so need time to check all.

But I lost the adobe collection which i needed now to edit those video files...

Anyway thanks to everyone again for the help and support...


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Yes you can retrieve that partition with all the data of all types but there is a necessary condition is that the data should not be over-written, you can get back of all your data with the help of a third party data recovery software, check the Kernel for NTFS partition recovery software. It is a efficient software and it previews data in scan mode. Browse the net for the demo of the software.
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