1. G

    Nestle Maggi under fire from FDA

    Food inspectors order recall batch of Maggi noodles from shops across country over excess lead - The Times of India + ?Maggi? under regulatory scanner for lead, MSG beyond permissible limit - The Times of India
  2. Mr.Kickass

    Micromax Canvas Fire 4 with Lollipop launched for $113 in India

    (Source) Alright, so MMX now wants to target 'audio enthusiasts' (yes, the quotes are intentional) piggybacking on the recent success (or failure, according to some) of Yu Yureka (how funny that sounds) BTW, I always wanted to ask this question: Does MMX service really suck that bad ...
  3. Cyberghost

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky Kochi: Panic gripped the central Kerala as a huge ball of fire was spotted falling from the sky at night on Friday. Residents of Fort Kochi, Paravur and Kolencheri experienced tremor while fireball was seen falling. No casualties have...
  4. S

    Ati Fire pro v4900 - Saphire or AMD which is better?

    Hi Guys, I have decided to purchase - Ati Fire pro v4900, mainly for Maya. I will also use Photoshop, Nuke, Mari and similar apps. My Psu is - Seasonic S12II 520 Watts. My question is - what is the difference between Sapphire's ATI v4900 and the Amd's Ati V4900? What tweaks or...
  5. coderunknown

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [PC/Xbox360/PS3]

    Announcing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel So 2K & Gearbox have finally confirmed that the new game is indeed going to be called "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" and will take place in Pandora's moon. As this is a pre-sequel (may call it Borderlands 1.5), it'll take place before between the events...
  6. ashis_lakra

    Yet another Volvo Bus tragedy.

    Mumbai-bound volvo bus fire kills 7, injures 40 in Karnataka - Livemint Again happened with a Volvo bus. This fire incident followed quickly after previous tragedy. Did Volvo of all reliable brands just became UNSAFE ? Drivers are to blame but looks like question arouses abt its safety. RIP...
  7. G

    Ipad Air explodes at a Vodafone store in Australia

  8. Zangetsu

    Kindle Fire HDX 7 & 8.9 Launched

    Amazon released HDX and its now for preorder in their website I hope it comes in India :hyper: the specs are eye popping :cryeyesout: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet - Best Movie Tablet, Gaming Tablet, and Business Tablet Specs: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 specs
  9. srkmish

    Nook hd+ or Kindle fire hd 8.9

    Both of these are now available at cheap rates. Kindle fire hd comes to around 16.5 k after citibank 10% off on amazon and Nook hd+ is available at around 13k on ebay after discounts. I am concerned about the ASS part. Since Amazon has global warranty, i should be safe with it. However, the...
  10. C

    Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX with snapdragon 800 and retina+ disp for $229 onwards

    Amazon seems to be taking the fight right at the gates of the enemies, offering tablets with better hardware than the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price. And, challenging the iPad with higher resolution screens and superior battery performance. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX announced Good to see a...
  11. saswat23

    Fire breaks out on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

    Fire broke out on the sets of TV show 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' at Goregaon Filmcity on Wednesday morning. According to the Fire Brigade control room, the fire broke out at 8.15 am on Wednesday. Four fire engines, five jetties and an ambulance have been rushed to the spot. According to...
  12. theserpent

    S4 explodes, and burns down home

    Galaxy S4 smartphone explodes in Hong Kong, burns down owner's house OT: News reports just in S4's are now being used as missiles and nuclear bombs :P Source's say people are also gifting one to justin bieber :P
  13. B

    Buying a Kindle from US / Dubai

    My brother in law is going to visit the US with a stopover at Dubai. I'm asking him to get a Kindle and a graphics card for me. Where would it be cheaper - US or Dubai? I'm thinking of getting the Kindle Fire HD with 8.9 inch display.
  14. eggman

    [For Sale] Kindle Fire 2

    Hi Selling off Kindle Fire 2. It's in top condition and been used less than 20 hours till now. Condtion : 10/10 Price: Rs. 7,000 Transaction: Only Hand to hand sale, not wiling to ship it because of the risks. Location: Bangalore Reason for sale: Buying a Kindle Paperwhite. Check...
  15. .jRay.

    Honda Civic Catches Fire

    In a shocking reflection on the poor state of safety on Indian roads, fire fighting systems installed in the underpass didn't work, resulting in the unfortunate loss of a life. Fire engines sent from the Delhi International Airport were unable to reach the scene on time. Precautions...
  16. Harsh Pranami

    How to reduce file size od gif image keeping animation intact?

    The title says it. I tried using Irfanview but seems that it doesn't support it. Also my current avatar (fire) is not showing the animation. Why?? Is it because the file size is 52k and tdf limit is 35k?
  17. N

    Kindle Fire 1st Generation with Warranty

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (Kindle Fire 1st Generation 8GB) with Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve, Graphite colour For further features refer company website.. Imported from USA.. Expected Price: SOLD Time of...
  18. C

    Ainol Aurora 2 VS Ainol Fire

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me & share the differences between 2 tabs Is Ainol Fire worth spending Rs 4000 more than Ainol Aurora 2 tab? And Where I can get the best deal to purchase any of these 2 tabs?
  19. MetalheadGautham

    Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire

    Once or twice, you find news that'd make you scream TROLL. This one is COUNTER-TROLL :lol: Link: Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire |
  20. E

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone. Till now I have shortlisted Motorola FIRE XT, and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Mobile Phone vs Motorola FIRE XT Mobile Phone: Compare Mobiles: Any recommendations ? Or other phone in similar price range ~10-11K
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