Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire

Once or twice, you find news that'd make you scream TROLL. This one is COUNTER-TROLL :lol:

NDTV said:
Allahabad: In Allahabad, a girl who was being sexually harassed by one of her neighbours, decided to retaliate today. 22-year-old Aarti Yadav was shopping in a local market when the young man passed lewd comments about her.

She slapped him in front of a large crowd. The man ran away, leaving his motorcycle behind. Ms Yadav, furious, set his bike on fire.

The police have registered a complaint against the man who is currently absconding.

Link: Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire |


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@bubusam13 you are sympathising with the poor bike that just got caught in the crossfire, aren't you? :D


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^yup,me too feel like she went a little overboard with that burning bike thing.Cant wait to see the guy to take the revenge on her in future:D

Over the top? She should have chop off his p**is :-x

ouch cant even think about it,her neighbour is the real *******.


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Over the top? She should have chop off his p**is :-x

now you are reacting too violently, if she did that then she could be tried in court for attempt to murder. But beating the goon can be considered as self-defence and realization of self esteem and that is what is important. In a country where majority of the women are treated like sex-objects due to the lifestyle of the people and high rate of illiterate people, women should think of themselves as equal. It is important to give them the respect they deserve for not only being mothers / sisters / wives of some but also helping run the country as corporates and leaders.


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Good work lady...its a shame that no one comes forward to help in these cases...people should just surround in this case and beat the guy black and least ladies should
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