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  1. smartyrohan12

    smartphone under 10,000..

    I read about this in the other threads but couldnt make heads or tails of the situation as the opinions are so scattered. I want to buy a smartphone (3g,wifi..) under 10,000. so far i have looked for htc explorer, nokia 500, motorola fire xt. please help me decide which phone is better...
  2. V

    Need suggestion for E-book reader

    I want to buy a e-book reader mainly for the purpose of reading technical books for long hours. So it needs to be colored. I mainly have the iPad 3, Kindle fire and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1(soon to be launched) on my list. I favor the iPad 3 more as it has the new retina display. However I have never...
  3. Bhav

    Motorola FIRE XT 530

    I want to buy Motorola FIRE XT 530 is this phone is value for money if is not then plzzz tell me which phone should i buy my budget is 11k
  4. rahul.007

    motorol fire xt review

    REVIEW: Motorola Fire XT (guys sorry for the bad image quality.. had to shoot them via c3.. :\) 1: Overview (design + Built) • Motorola Fire XT is sleek and nice looking handset. • It has a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen in the front along with a VGA camera and ambient light +...
  5. Tenida

    Fire in Kolkata's AMRI hospital: 55 killed in Kolkata hospital fire

  6. Faun

    Notion Ink Adam, Amazon Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

    Thinking of going for Kindle fire but will be customizable ? Which one is better for ebook reading, movie watchin, listening to song and simple word editing ? gentle bump
  7. D

    Motorola Pro+(price??) and fire 8.7k - qwerty Androids

    Have a look at this comparison of some of awesome spec phones that I am able to zero-in. :D Motorola PRO+ vs. Motorola FIRE XT311 - GSMArena.com never a fan of phones without keypad. These are the few qwerty phones that are feature rich and not too pricey. What I want to know is ...
  8. R

    Motorola Fire XT311; LG Optimus Pro C660; Spice Mi-350

    I want to get a budget android for my cousin and was wondering what I can get at around 8-9K? I have checked out a few phones available at this range. Motorola Fire XT311; LG Optimus Pro C660; Spice Mi-350 Both Fire XT311 and Mi350 are new phones. Anyone with any experience of these phones?
  9. socrates

    Kindle Fire due to sell millions, hit with patent suit

    Oh no another one.. Kindle Fire due to sell millions, hit with patent suit | Firstpost :shock:
  10. A

    Kindle Fire

    hi guys ! I want to know that if Kindle Fire is Worth buying. i heard that it is dependent on Amazon services. I basically need device for heavy PDF reading, does it support office document viewer ? and does it support all the android Apps ? thanks in advance.
  11. yomanabhi

    Motorola Fire xt or HTC Salsa

    hello Guys...!!!! I'm Confused b/w Motorola Fire xt & HTC Salsa..... My Budget is 13k.. Both specs..are almost same.... But i found some differences... At Gsmarena.com HTC Salsa:- TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors Gorilla Glass display Motorola Fire xt:- TFT capacitive...
  12. socrates

    Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire?

    Kindling the flames of tablet wars. Amazon Tablet to be called Amazon Kindle Fire? | News | TechRadar UK Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction. Price of new Amazon tablet could be big attraction It's out :D Kindle Fire - Full Color Kindle with 7" Multi-Touch Display, Wi-Fi...
  13. D

    Motorola Fire - new launch - 262K screen ?

    Hi, Has anybody seen new launches from Motorola. the Fire XT311 looks quite good, except that if i am correct has a 262k color screen... how on earth motorola can have such a screen for a new phone.. Any reviews/users of this phone ?
  14. socrates

    Motorola Fire XT debuts in India; Gingerbread, 800 MHz processor, front cam for 13K

    After launching Motorola Fire, Motorola has released a slightly upgraded full-touch version Fire XT in the Indian market. It is now being sold for just INR 12,990. Motorola Fire XT debuts in India; Gingerbread, 800 MHz, front cam for 13K | AndroidOS.in
  15. J

    Graphics card 15-17k

    Need a graphics card for video footage editing and 3d rendering. Budget is 15-17k. fire away suggestions fellas. need it fast.
  16. J

    Headphones needed.

    Ok I need 2 headphones. I need one really cheap but good headphone within a budget of Rs.500-600 max. And the other one I need is a senheisser under 2.5-3k. Fire away yer suggestions fellas.
  17. ico

    Reputation system...needed or not?

    Fire away...We need proper discussion on this.
  18. C

    Need Help in chooseing a decent mb and a cooler

    :-| Hi guys me decideing to buy a new pc my conifig is as Pros :AMD Phenom™ II X4 965 BE(overclocking to 4ghz for good performence) GC: thinking of cross fire with a decent Nvidia for Pysic supp & AMD for graphics CAbinet is ANtec 900 MB-? Cooler-? P.S-? which to buy?:?::?:
  19. abhijit_reddevil

    Girl set on fire after stealing Rs.1400

    PATNA: A 12-year-old girl was set on fire by her neighbour here after she allegedly stole Rs.1,400, police said on Friday. Priti Kumari, a student of Class 7 in a government school and daughter of a landless labourer, was set on fire Thursday at Chhoti Machuatoli area. A police officer said...
  20. P

    trouble with connecting to the net

    recently i had installed pc tools fire wall later on when i had some trouble with it i uninstalled the same now the problem is the no other program is connecting to the net except for firefox(browser) which was allowed by the pctools fire wall how to solve the problem pl help
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